Thai Happy Ending Massage

The Thai happy ending massage services that abound throughout the land of smiles offer another side to the pay for pleasure scene. Many of the girls that work in massage shops are, of course, available for sexual services.

In this report I'll describe the main options open to you, and whereabouts in Thailand you'll find them...

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The range of parlours offering a happy ending massage is vast; most are small establishments with girls standing outside on the side-walk calling out to anyone passing by, but there are also lots of large specialized venues to choose from if you want a dedicated sex massage.

The speciality in these venues is the Thai soapy massage, and it is widely regarded as being extremely pleasurable...

For one thing, there will usually be a wide selection of Thai massage girls to choose from, and they are typically much more attractive than the Thai girls that you see standing outside the smaller street-front establishments.

How to get a Thai massage happy ending

One thing that you mustn’t do, not even in the seediest areas of the red-light areas in Thailand, is walk into a shop and ask upfront for a happy ending massage.

This will cause embarrassment amongst the massage girls as well as some suspicion that you’re a little bit insane! Thai massage girls can be quite shy, so it’s best to approach them in a calm and delicate manner.

Any Thai massage parlour will have a range of different types of massage for you to choose from, and your selection will have some impact on what follows.

For example, a head & neck massage will be done downstairs in full view of people walking by, whereas an oil massage will have you naked in a private room upstairs (you can guess which of these massage types is the better forerunner to a happy ending).

If you are considering a sex service then there is the prostitution morality issue for you to reconcile yourself with but, personally, I have no strong views on that either way.

If you opt for the traditional Thai massage, you’ll likely end up being dealt with by one of the more experienced members of staff, the reason being that it requires the most skill to perform, and a strong pair of hands.

If you’ve spotted a slender, petite lady that you want to perform your massage, she’d probably be less capable of performing a proper traditional Thai massage due to the physical demands, and she might automatically defer to one of her larger, more experienced colleagues.

In any case, I’ve found that the traditional massage can be quite painful if it is being delivered by someone who is not strictly a professional masseuse, so it might be an idea to avoid it altogether unless you are in a proper massage parlour.

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As alluded to above, a much better means of getting a Thai happy ending massage is to approach the girl that you like and ask her if she can do oil massages. The Thai oil massage is actually quite relaxing, and it is easy to perform since it doesn’t require any great strength.

The oil massage is also common knowledge that it is the most common prelude to a happy ending...

Even if you do not want any naughty stuff, the oil massage is worth considering as it is a very relaxing experience. At the hands of a good masseuse it's quite common to find yourself sort of hovering at that point between being awake and drifting off to sleep - it's that relaxing.

Finding the Thai Happy Ending Massage

As you might expect, the best locations around Thailand to find a happy ending massage are the very same places that cater to western sex tourists. In particular, the top nightlife focused areas are the best places to head to.

Happy ending massageHappy ending massage venues on Soi Honey, Pattaya

Pattaya is packed solid with endless massage shops and you’ll be hard pressed to walk for more than 5 minutes before stumbling across some ladies who will happily tend to your needs.

Similarly, Patong in Phuket has many options to choose from. Chiang Mai has a few options with the area around Loi Kroh Road being one obvious location to head to.

In Bangkok your options are much wider. The three main tourist focused areas all have plenty of options to choose from i.e. Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Soi Nana, but the best establishments require a bit of online research. See the soapy massage link below for a true story about what's on offer.

I’ve already mentioned that the more specialized, dedicated happy ending massage parlours, offer the best services and for these you might need to know exactly where you are heading before setting off.

The Thai soapy massage is the best of the adult massages and you’ll need one of the big parlours to get it. The oil massage with happy ending is not a bad option to go with, but if you are looking for something special then you are well advised to go the extra mile and search out the Thai soapy massage; I’ve never heard a bad review of it from anyone in all the years I’ve been visiting Thailand!

Thai Soapy Massage & Sex

Without going into anything explicit, the Thai soapy massage is the choice of connoisseurs because of the beauty and skill of the massage girls that will perform it.

You’ll have a large selection of massage girls to choose from and, unlike what sometimes happens with the smaller massage shops, there is no doubt as to what you are there for.

The massage starts with a fully naked lady using her body to massage your fully naked body. You’ll be lying face up on an inflated mattress with soap suds used as the lubricant for your bodies… after a lot of teasing and a hand-job, full sex follows.

For more information focused on specific locations around Thailand, click on a link below:

Bangkok soapy massage – There are a selection of highly regarded parlours along Ratchada Road and in Huai Khwang to choose from. The Utopia Entertainment Complex is highly regarded for the extremely attractive girls it employs, but prices are sky high. Nataree Massage is a much cheaper and perfectly good option.

Pattaya soapy massage – There are lots of options here to choose from. The most frequently recommended Pattaya soapy massage parlours are the Sabai Dee on 2nd Road and the Honey Massage on Soi Honey. Both of these have a long standing high reputation and either should be able to offer you all the happy ending massage that you need.

Phuket soapy massage – For a good soapy massage in Phuket I think that you are best advised to go to Patong as it is the best nightlife and naughty stuff related option on the island, and it is also home to the best known Phuket soapy massage parlour i.e. Christines (located on the main road Rat U Thit Road just around the corner from Bangla Road).

Chiang Mai soapy massage – Your options in Chiang Mai are much more limited but there is one place that is reasonably well known, it is called the Sayuri Entertainment Complex. This might not be an easy one to find so I’ll give you another option right on Loi Kroh Road – Celebrities Shower Massage. One good thing about Chiang Mai is that prices are nice and low!

Koh Samui soapy massage – I think that Koh Samui soapy massage parlours are a bit thin on the ground, and it’s not really the best place to go if you are intent on finding a top quality happy ending massage. I’ve heard that there is a parlour called the Pink lady in Chaweng, but there’s not much mention of it on the web, so it may or may not be worth a look.

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