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The various types of Hanoi escorts that are available in Vietnam's capital city add up to fairly slim pickings by some regional cities' standards, but from within Vietnam the naughty boy attractions are second only to Saigon.

If you are looking for short-term fun, the Vietnam nightlife scene has many opportunities but there are also many scams and rip-offs to avoid. A better option is found at:

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There are very few, if any, hostess girls resembling the sort of bar-girls that you get in Thailand's main tourist areas, but there are opportunities to meet freelance working-girls as well as online hookers.

As is often the case, the ladies working in massage parlors frequently provide 'extra services' but I never hear good reports about service standards.

Prices for hand-relief (and sometimes oral sex) are at least relatively low, but full sex is usually either unavailable, unrealistically expensive, or promised but not really delivered (aside from momentary action before a manufactured reason to stop is thrown at you).

I'll go on to discuss better P4P options below.

The Nightlife and General Attractions

The Hanoi nightlife has a reputation for being the dull cousin of Saigon and until recently it was a fair criticism. It is still a relatively sedate city but a decent number of bars & clubs have opened, livening things up considerably.

Vietnam's capital city has never attracted as many tourists as Saigon, but there are plenty of good reasons to put it on your travel itinerary.

Hanoi is one of Southeast Asia's mega-cities with a population over 7 million, making it slightly more populous than Saigon, and it enjoys some of the most stunning natural beauty spots you're ever likely to see.

I challenge anyone to go go on a late afternoon junk boat cruise through Ha Long bay and watch the sunset amongst the all the rising limestone rock-formations without being completely blown away by it all - it is genuinely jaw dropping if you have any interest at all in such things.

Getting to Hanoi is a relatively simple affair with many flights each day from nearby cities. Flight times from either Bangkok or Saigon take around 2 hours to complete and, whilst there might not be many direct flight from Europe of America to Hanoi, you can usually arrange a connecting flight with only a minimal delay.

Another possible selling point comes with the much cooler climate in Hanoi during the winter months. If you wish to escape the heat of Thailand and other SEA countries for a few days then an excursion will be a welcome, cheap, and easy thing to arrange.

Hanoi Nightlife Bars & Girls

A big part of the attraction with Hanoi nightlife comes with the necessary exploration of its narrow side streets and bustling alleys. In most cities of the world you'd want to avoid such places due to potential hidden dangers lurking in dark places, but Vietnam is different and Hanoi is just as good as Saigon for exploring stuff, and safety levels are really high.

Hanoi nightlifeOne of the many narrow Hanoi streets, perfect for explorers...

All the usual dangers with street hookers apply here though, and scams are way more common than in neighboring countries. I'd advise you to avoid them, or at the very least refuse any sort of payment in advance of service.

A better option for getting sex and companionship is to simply arrange meetings with regular local girls, it's the easiest thing in the world to do this online if you start with a quality Vietnam dating site because the girls on these sites aren't just browsing - they want to meet you!

Down the city's bustling alleys and side streets there are lots of small shops of all sorts, massage is available, and best of all are Bia Hoi bars. Bia Hoi is locally produced beer and it is very cheap - and good.

You'll find lots of these tiny establishments as you wander around the city - just look for the plastic stools!

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most picturesque parts of the city and the surrounding area also happens to be the best area for bars and clubs. It's only a small lake, but it serves as a good navigation point for getting yourself around town.

It's a busy area and I recommend using it as a base camp for your preferred hotel choice - scroll down to the hotel section below for my favorites.

Hanoi Nightlife Bars; The Old Quarter

Being a huge city there are a lot of bars to choose from, and that makes lists a bit futile. What maters is groups of bars concentrated within an area that you don't mind walking around, not good bars isolated in some far off district.

Hanoi at nightHanoi at night.

There are some great bars, usually hotel bars, in places that you won't go to and that aren't mentioned below. The bars that are mentioned are a selection of options near to Hoan Kiem Lake and mostly on or around Ma May Street:

  • Bia Hoi Outlets - as mentioned above, these are really good places to kick your night off with some friendly locals and cheap beer. There are some close to the lake and other bars I mention on Ma May Street.
  • Fat Cat Bar - just around the corner from Ma May on Luong Ngoc Quyen is this small but highly regarded pub. Very tourist friendly and located right next to another bunch of Bia Hoi outlets.
  • Base Bar - this one is located on Ma May. It's a friendly bar with a policy of handing out free shots! The music system is good and you can buy some balloons that contain laughing gas here.
  • Camelia Lounge - a very stylish place, but pricey. It's worth making the effort to find it if you like stylish stuff with champagne and cocktails etc. It's housed within one of my recommended hotels i.e. the Melia Hanoi Hotel.
  • The Opera Nightclub - this club is located near to the Fat Cat Bar on Luong Ngoc Quyen and it's worth the trip if you like clubbing. Drink prices are higher than in the bars, but not so much so that you'll be scared off.

Notes on above video:

Hang Buom street and Ta Hien street as featured in the video are also near to Ma May street. This whole area is lively and a good place to be.

There's a mix of tourists and locals here but trade is definitely focused at tourists. The area feels a lot like Saigon's Bui Vien but on a smaller scale. There's even a similar network of alleys running off the main walking areas.

Lots of younger backpacker type tourists visit Hanoi. There are also lots of pretty young Viet promo girls. It's a vibrant colorful place with very loud music booming out of the bars.

The corner of Ta Hien street and Luong Ngoc Qhyen street is a centre of activity - also known as beer corner. There are lots of the small plastic chairs outside the bars, and if you are of a 'fuller' frame then I'd advise you to stack at least 2 of them on top of each other before sitting on them.

As you can see, there is a very busy footfall at peak times (typically around midnight) and whilst there is a legal closing time at 1am, many bars are busy until about 3 am.

Beware of taxis driving down the narrow streets that are packed with people who barely have enough walking room. The main bar streets are pedestrian, but some streets have traffic.

Bia Saigon is available in Hanoi, as is Larue, and both are really cheap.

Hanoi Escorts and Sex Workers

You may be happy to read there are plenty of Hanoi escorts working in the city and that they are easily located via an online search. There are some beautiful call girls available and whilst the typical prices asked by Hanoi escorts are high, they are not higher than elsewhere in the region.

Don’t get scammed; there are lots of pitfalls involved with the illicit trade of romantic liaisons in Vietnam, and some can be dangerous. A better place to find casual fun is on:

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If you are intent on using the services of a prostitute then I think that these online agency escorts are a reasonable option. However, you'll need to part with up to $200 for a one-hour appointment!

Far cheaper are the Hanoi escorts who tout their services on regular dating sites, but you should approach these girls delicately. Don't rush in with price queries as you'll probably get reported and booted off the site.

With that said, if the girl is dressed provocatively then she's probably available and will at some point suggest something in the region of 1m VND for a short-time appointment, and anything up to 2m for long-time (overnight).

One thing I'd urge you to resist are out-of-the-way brothels (if you know of any) for the reasons given on my main page about Vietnam girls.

The second alternative for finding pay for pleasure thrills is to head off to a massage parlor, and the best way to source the best parlors is to ask a local taxi driver. You might struggle to find the full happy ending massage list of extras that are so common in Thailand, but with a little perseverance you'll find something.

As mentioned already, I don't care for the Hanoi happy ending massage options because you rarely walk away feeling like you got the service you were promised. For full sex, if you can find it, you'll be asked for something like 2m VND for an inclusive service. Standard massage with a hand-job at the end will be something like 500k for the massage and another 500k for the masseuse's tip.

As far as strip clubs are concerned, you certainly won't find any Thai style a-go-go bars in the Hanoi nightlife list of entertainment options, and things are much more restricted even compared to Saigon, with none of the 'hostess bars' that you can find there.

There are some opportunities to meet local working-girls in hotel discos and around Hoan Kiem Lake. These ladies are often not so sweet and lovely as you find elsewhere in Southeast Asia, and you will be at risk of being scammed by them, so my advice is to avoid them.

Karaoke bars in Hanoi are an option that I have less experience with but that I general advise people to avoid. A lot of the costs for these places are somewhat hidden and only revealed when you leave the bar. Personally I don't like being charged for a girl to simply sit with me (not unheard of with these venues), and paying for a bunch of girls to applaud my horrendous singing voice also fails to appeal...

Hanoi Ladyboy Escorts

You're options for finding a transsexual sex partner for the night are also more restricted than in Saigon. As always, the options that are available are located in the main tourist areas, and I'd advise you to ask anyone that you do approach about their gender...

I was actually quite surprised to discover that Vietnam ladyboys are often very feminine and sometimes difficult to distinguish from females.

I had thought that only Thailand offered hormone treatment and gender reassignment at an early age but judging from the appearance of ladyboys in Vietnam I'm guessing that many of them have been on treatment well before they hit puberty.

Regular ladyboy romances are tough to find unless you take the online route, and for a true story about that have a read of:

Contrary to standard practise in Thailand, the Vietnam ladyboy prices are usually slightly cheaper than for female escorts, but you'll still be asked for a lot by regional standards. You won't get much change from 3m VND once you've paid for drinks, barfine, and your chosen ladyboy's fee.

I don't recommend Hanoi for ladyboy fans because they are so few in number. If you are interested in this sort of thing then Saigon is by far the best option in Vietnam.

Hanoi Girls & Dating Opportunities

There is only a small expat scene in Hanoi, and only a very small pay-for-pleasure industry that focuses on short-term liaisons rather than the holiday-girlfriend model that you get in some SEA countries.

Hanoi girlsLow-cost living, tasty food, and beautiful agenda-free ladies, that's Hanoi.

The upshot of this is that serious romantic relationships between Vietnamese girls and western men are relatively rare.

However, you shouldn't assume that there is no interest in western men from the local ladies. There is a lot of interest - but you'll need to be the respectable sort of guy with respectable intentions to get any value from it. As with central Vietnam, the girls in the north are very traditional and conservative, which means they care a great deal about their reputation.

I mentioned on my main page about Vietnamese girls that many of them are comfortable with the idea of leaving their homelands behind for a new life in the west. This is much less true in north Vietnam because there is no history of emigration after the Vietnam War.

If you wish to get involved with a Hanoi girl, I think it would be best if you are intending to live in the city or somewhere nearby. Also, Hanoi nightlife venues are not the best places to meet the more respectable ladies.

At the very least I think that you should take a look at the options for meeting someone via the online dating sites. It's free to look and the girls are much more approachable due to the privacy that it offers.

Finding regular girls in Vietnam is tricky to do in person because they tend to be so shy and conservative. Meeting someone via friends is the standard way of doing things for traditional Vietnamese ladies but that's obviously a problem for someone new to the country.

The Best Hotels in Hanoi

As I mentioned above, the best Hanoi nightlife bars and clubs are located in the old quarter around Hoan Kiem Lake. That being the case, it seems like a good idea to look for a good hotel in that area.

Be aware that some hotels will refuse to allow you to bring a girl back to your room (which is illegal in Vietnam - though poorly enforced). The budget hotels in the tourist areas are your best bet but be sure to state on your booking that the room is for two guests.

Hanoi girlsA common sight in Hanoi... Buddhist prayer.

Depending on your budget, I'd go for one of these three hotel options:

  • Icon 36 Hotel & Residence - this one is a solid choice that's well located on Bat Su Street. Rooms are modern and clean and I think that it is a real bargain, being priced well below other hotels of this spec.
  • MK Premier Boutique Hotel - a mid-priced hotel that is definitely worth the extra expense over a budget option. You get some excellent views from its bar/restaurant and lots of extra facilities.
  • Melia Hanoi Hotel - for a more upmarket hotel with extra luxury I'd go for this option. It also has the advantage of housing one of the most stylish lounge bars in Hanoi, the Camelia Lounge.

You could play it safe and only make your booking for a couple of nights in order to assess whether you can bring back girls or not.

In any event, you will at least have the option of using a 'love hotel' for an hour if your main hotel refuses entry. Love hotels are very cheap, and your chosen Hanoi escort will know where to find the nearest and cleanest one.

Hanoi Escorts & Nightlife - Final Thoughts

Whilst the Hanoi nightlife scene still lags behind Saigon by quite some distance both in terms of scale and variety, things are picking up with new bars and attractions starting to spring up.

It remains to be seen whether or not the new developments will bring large numbers of 'hostess' bars with them. I wouldn't be surprised if it does not, but Vietnam is not generally a naughty boy destination anyway.

Thailand remains a much better option for P4P opportunities, as does Cambodia and the Philippines, because Hanoi escorts are fewer in number and asking prices are higher. Scams are particularly annoying and even if you aren't scammed you'll probably still get poor service quality by regional standards.

The Hanoi nightlife does have plenty to offer, and whilst it won't please everyone it does have a charm that grows on you. The French colonial architecture is beautiful, the people are friendly, and you'll struggle to find a safer capital city at night anywhere in the world.

I haven't even mentioned the coffee shops in Hanoi, they are of a very high standard and quite unique - some serve coffee made with egg, and everyone that tries it loves the richness of it.

If you prefer your climate to have distinct seasons then the Hanoi nightlife will appeal. During winter months the temperatures can drop to a level where you'll at least need to wear jeans/trousers, a long-sleeve shirt or jumper, and a pair shoes rather than sandals.

This makes serious dating a bit easier since you'll be expected to dress this way regardless of climate - which is not something you'll appreciate when the temperatures soar during summer months!

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