Girls of Bangkok; exotic & feminine

By Axel (from Prachuap)

I had been daydreaming about the girls of Bangkok for months ahead of my trip to the city, but now my arrival date was here and it was wonderful to finally be back in Thailand. Don Muang Airport was located opposite a small train station which would soon have me transferred to my destination.

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Like most backpackers, I carefully crossed the busy road to take a third class train to Hua Lamphong, central Bangkok. From there, bus number 29 took me straight to Khao San Road, an area that offers cheap accommodation and is packed with street vendors, restaurants and travel agents. It’s also a great place to meet other backpackers, not to mention all the familiar faces you bump into.

One evening, as I walked down Khao San Road, I stopped at a music vendor to browse through the tapes and CDs. The pirated music came with a small price tag. Like the rest of the vendors, the shop was on the sidewalk and had a large canvas, on a metal frame, to protect the goods from the sun and rain. On average, the girls of Bangkok were quite attractive, but the music vendor was nothing short of stunning. She had been sitting down eating, on the side and slightly withdrawn from the activity all around, so I didn't pay much attention to her at first. That changed as soon as she approached me, her contagious smile, beautiful face and shiny, long black hair, pulled me in like a magnet.

She was about 5 feet tall and was wearing a white t-shirt, dark blue shorts and orange flip flops. She came across as a really happy, friendly person. The first thing she said, in a silky voice, was, "You like Scorpion?" How could I not say, "Yeah!"

Meeting this exotic woman lifted me up instantly, I was on a natural high. God she was attractive. She laughed softly and said, "Play Wind of Change." She walked over and changed tapes on the boom-box. When she came back, she smiled happily and uttered, "Favourite song."

Her name was Pim and she was 24. We talked a lot that evening and ate mangosteen. There was no pressure to buy anything from the shop. Her English was fine, we could understand each other. Honestly, I was bowled over by Pim and her charm right from that first meeting. Out of all the girls of Bangkok that I’d previously met, none had captivated me like this exotic beauty.

Since Pim and I were busy talking, the customers didn't get much assistance that evening. Like lightning out of nowhere, she smiled and said, "I like you." Wow! It was too good to be true...

That night I was elated, my mind was busy processing all the new impressions. I had been miserable while in Vietnam before coming to Thailand, daydreaming about the lovely girls of Bangkok. I was intrigued by their beauty, as well as their gentle and carefree ways. As a westerner, I took life too seriously, while the Thais were unbelievably easy-going. I admired that quality and I wanted to be like them, happy and carefree.

Lying on the bed thinking about Pim, filled me with anticipation. There is nothing like falling in love with an exotic Thai woman. Pim's bubbly personality, let alone her stunning beauty, was enough to make me feel like a love-struck teenager. Falling asleep wasn’t easy that night, but I drifted off eventually.

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Girls of Bangkok; getting to know Pim

Pim and I didn't make any plans when she closed the shop the previous night. All she said was, "See you tomorrow, sweet dream." Just thinking of her filled me with joy and purpose, what a wonderful girl. Falling in love gives you so much to live for.

As I made my way back to the guesthouse after my fish ball soup breakfast (recommended), I saw a group of really attractive, young Thai women. Judging from their professional attire, I’d say that they were office girls. I thought to myself, "If I could have any of these ladies or Pim, I want Pim!” She's not highly educated and doesn't dress like them, but she's really good-hearted and has a wonderful personality. The girls of Bangkok make me feel alive. What is more important in a potential girlfriend than that? I continued to reflect on this and other matters of life as I headed back to the guesthouse – the pace of life in Thailand is good for this, it gives you time to think.

Early on in the evening, I went to Pim's shop. She was busy helping a customer when I arrived, but she gave me a sweet smile and looked at me; in her sweet voice she said, "Happy to see you" My heart was melting like butter in a frying pan. I felt so good, I was on top of the world.

I had bought a t-shirt for Pim. It was light blue with an outline of a cute baby elephant, in black. At the shopping mall, I had figured that the light blue colour would go well with her beautiful complexion. I was right. It was just a t-shirt, but Pim grinned like an excited kid when I handed it to her. To my delight, she hugged me and said, "I go with you everywhere." Try getting a western girl to react like that for such a simple gift, ha. My heart was no longer melting like butter, it was throbbing. The natural high was back in full force… I was the happiest man in Thailand!

Girls of Bangkok; dating Pim

We ordered some takeaway food from a nearby vendor and sat down to eat and talk at the side of the shop. Pim told me that she’d grown up in Isaan, northeast Thailand, where her family were rice farmers. She’d only been in Bangkok for just under a year, and she said that she missed her 6-year old son and her mom. She spoke respectfully of her parents, and told me that she was grateful for everything they had done for her. Her mother was raising her son “Win.”

Every month, Pim sent part of her salary home, to help pay for the expenses. Having worked in Khao San for almost a year, she had taken a liking to westerners and had been longing to meet a westerner her own age. Pim smiled with her whole face, when she shared her motto, "Good heart, little money, okay!" We both burst out laughing; I guess the girls of Bangkok know full well that the backpackers on Khao San Road aren’t exactly the best bet for finding a wealthy benefactor!

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Pim asked me if I would like to take a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River the following day. She had never taken the boats, but had been wanting to do so for quite some time. When I suggested that we could eat at a restaurant by the river, she smiled and said in her sweet voice, "I do with you."

She worked 7 evenings a week, so finding a way around her schedule wasn’t easy, but we managed. After having known each other for a week or so she caught me off guard when she smiled and asked, "I stay with you?" No prizes for guessing my answer…

It was fantastic to be with her, it truly was. Every man should experience what it's like to fall in love with the girls of Bangkok once in their lifetimes, it can be a rollercoaster ride if you pick the wrong girl, but magical beyond words if you find the right one.

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