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Filipina Girls; Sex & Dating

It seems that Filipina girls are the most popular alternative to Thai girls for those western guys who are seeking either a casual or a serious romance in Southeast Asia, and it's not a bad alternative, lots of Filipinas are open to the idea...

Many first-time visitors to the SEA region stick to Thai shores, but the Philippines has got a lot to offer and it is gaining ground in terms of popularity.

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This is particularly true of the middle-aged, single men, who travel to this part of the world in search of fun times…

A few points about terms and approach:

  • Filipina is the term for a lady from the Philippines, and Pinay means the same thing but is a little less formal. For men the corresponding terms are Filipino and Pinoy.
  • When approaching Filipina girls with romantic intent, their Christian values generally lead them to value true-love very highly in a relationship.
  • They are not quite as practical as Thai girls and financial objectives are less likely to be at the forefront their minds when engaging with western men.
  • Most expats agree that flattery is a more effective tool in winning the hearts of Filipinas compared to Thais.

I think that I should make an important point here; the online expat community (or at least the majority of online writers that contribute their stories and opinions) is disproportionately made up of guys that have had broken marriages in Thailand, usually due to making some of the errors that my site will help you to avoid making.

The silent majority of guys who are in successful relationships with Thai girls contribute fewer discussions or thoughts on the matter, and so their views are often overlooked.

The consensus on Filipina girls

The consensus of opinion amongst the online expat community seems to be that if you are looking for a successful long-term relationship with an Asian lady, Filipina girls are a better option than Thais.

On the other hand, if short-term fun is your goal, Thai girls reign supreme. Even so, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the Philippines…

It is significantly easier to find long-term romantic success with Filipina women because there is a much smaller culture gap to breach, and because English is more widely spoken. Whereas English in Thailand is only spoken by a relatively small proportion of regular girls, almost all Filipina girls speak it well.

That fact alone is going to make it simpler to find regular girls and communicate with them.

Another factor that you should consider when thinking about relationship success rates is that the naughty scene in the Philippines is much smaller than in Thailand. In the Philippines the P4P scene is still widely available, especially in Angeles City, but nothing compares to Thailand in this regard.

This dish is called 'Balut'. They could have put some fries on the side...

The point is that there is almost certainly a larger proportion of marriages in Thailand that are formed for all the wrong reasons in the first place, with obvious impacts on the marriage failure rate.

By the way, despite all this, don’t go thinking that marriage success rates in Thailand are rock bottom low – they aren’t. The figures that I’ve seen quoted suggest that marriage survival rates between western men and Thai girls is actually better than all-western marriages!

One thing that you shouldn’t do when judging long-term romantic success rates with Filipina girls, compared to girls in other countries, is look at the divorce rate there. Divorce is virtually non-existent, but that has got a lot to do with the very powerful Catholic Church in the Philippines which makes marriage annulment almost impossible.

Filipina girls & the culture gap

You should know that the effects of Catholicism do not end with difficulty in getting a marriage annulment...

It is illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion in the Philippines under any circumstances (on this issue it is even stricter than Thailand), and the penalty for doing so is severe. Even a pregnancy that resulted from a rape is ineligible for abortion and, just as abhorrent in my view – whilst contraceptives are supposed to be freely available by law, the Catholic Church has been successful in side-stepping the law and making them largely unavailable to many Filipina girls.

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The result is a large number of teenage single mothers who might well be looking for a wealthy benefactor to solve all sorts of serious financial problems. As for the church, a cynic might argue that its opposition to contraception reflects a potential loss of income from fewer baptisms if birth rates were reduced. How does all this affect you – make 100% certain that you pack your own condoms if you go to the Philippines, and never fail to use them!

Most of the cultural aspects of dating Filipina girls are ultra traditional in flavor. The role of Mum and Dad, the need to look after the parents, marriage dowry and so on all apply.

One aspect of Philippine culture that must not be underestimated is the need to maintain face. I’ve written about ‘losing-face’ in Thai culture; in the Philippines it is at least as important and possibly even more so.

By way of example I’m reminded of a TV documentary I watched a few years back. It was about a British man who had gone on holiday to the Philippines with his Filipina wife and a British friend. The friend was a heavy cannabis user and had smuggled a large quantity into the country.

The authorities caught wind of the smuggling operation and both British men were found and arrested. Unfortunately, the identities of the two Brits were confused by a simple clerical error on the part of a Filipino police officer i.e. the passport numbers of the two men got mixed up and so their identities were mixed up.

The horror story that unfolded on account of that simple error was sickening…

The innocent man went to prison for 14 years because the Filipino policeman was unable to accept the loss of face that owning up to his error would have caused him; it was better in his eyes to destroy the life of an innocent man. In fairness to the man’s Filipina wife, she stuck by him for many years but in the end the separation was too much and she left him for another man.

This is obviously the most extreme of extreme examples, and I’m not suggesting that the average Filipino would go to the same lengths to avoid loss of face, but it still highlights just how seriously the whole ‘face’ thing is in the region - disrespect it at your own peril!

Filipina Bar-Girls & Fun Times

Filipina bar-girls (or Guest Relations Officers) will come as a bit of a surprise to you if you have had previous experience of Thai bar-girls. The most surprising thing of all with them is that, after paying their bar-fine (early work release fee), some will refuse to go to your hotel!

Imagine that happening in Thailand; the whole point of paying a bar-fine is that you go off with your chosen lady and enjoy an intimate sexual liaison.

Filipina bar girlsBar-girls in Angeles City; not a tattoo in sight...

Obviously this doesn't always happen, but you mustn’t assume anything without first discussing what your intentions are with the bar-girl in question. Some of the Filipina bar-girls, known as ‘cherry girls’ (and supposed to be virgins) will not allow you to get them into bed.

The risk of getting a lousy service from these working-girls is higher than it is for similar ladies elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

As I’ll explain below, the custom is to pay an upfront fee rather than an after-the-deed payment in the morning. Since the payment is already made, there’s little incentive to impress you in the hope of a nice big payday.

The Philippine bar-fine system operates as an all-inclusive fee, meaning that the girl usually gets a cut of it. Obviously, all-inclusive doesn’t mean inclusive of bedroom activities if you haven’t already agreed with the girl that this is what you want.

Filipina sex prices, and how it varies

The bar-fine will cost you somewhere in the region of 2,000 pesos for a bar-girl (more like 3,000 for a gogo girl) of which the bar-girl will usually get about half. If things do progress to the bedroom then a tip in the morning is also expected, but this is only about 500 pesos at most and doesn’t exactly inspire the girls to provide a quality experience.

The bar-fine, and the cut that Filipina bar-girlsreceive from it, varies quite a lot depending on whereabouts you are in the country. The figures mentioned above are standard ‘Angeles City Balibago’ prices but there is wide variation even within Angeles City; Perimeter Road is cheaper but Fields Avenue is more.

Prices in Manila can go over 3,000 pesos for the bar-fine alone, with the girl getting none of it. In this case it means that the tip in the morning needs to be way higher, anything up to another 3,000 pesos for top quality Filipina ladies.

As you can see, prices vary a lot more than in other parts of Southeast Asia. The cheapest prices in the Philippines are to be found in the Visayas region, with Cebu bar-girls getting all/most of the bar-fine as their cut and only a token tip in the morning. As little as 1,500 pesos can be agreed with some girls.

Filipina guest relations officersBar-girls (Guest Relations Officers) in Angeles City.

A few pointers about Filipina bar-girls

I think that the main point you need to remember in all of this is that it pays to discuss what you want before you hand over any cash.

If you know anything about Southeast Asian girls, you’ll know that losing your temper with them is a bad idea; it is especially bad to lose your temper with Filipina bar-girls. Most of them know some very dangerous individuals and can even cause trouble for you with the Police, so make sure you treat them with the utmost respect.

Another surprising thing is that some Filipina bar-girls will not go anywhere with a customer that they have only just met. If you are on the first day of your first trip to the Philippines, then you might struggle to find a companion from the bars at all!

The girls there are very wary of strangers and want to feel assured that anyone that they do go off with is safe and trustworthy, so take your time and be friendly. I think that the last word on Filipina bar-girls has to be that, if you keep your relationships short-term and avoid any kind of lasting relationship, you will have fun times.

Along with Cambodia and Vietnam, the Philippines is the best alternative to Thailand for those visitors who just want a bit of adult fun for a couple of weeks.

Filipina bar-girls; some alternatives

A decent alternative to Filipina bar-girls are the freelance girls that you can meet in the discos. You don’t need to pay any bar-fine for these girls and they get to keep all of the money that you give to them.

For that reason the freelancers can be a lot cheaper, sometimes half what you pay for a bar-girl.

The downside is that they come with extra risks because you can’t trace them if they disappear with your valuables. If you do decide to go this route, I’d advise you to stick to short-term fun (an hour or two) and try to make sure that you don’t leave your valuables unattended.

There are also some scary stories about freelance girls leaving the room whilst you are in the shower and bringing in a child. Soon after that a policeman visits your room and you are in big trouble! You could be charged for underage sex and get serious jail time if you don’t make a very generous cash donation...

This is unlikely to happen with a disco girl but, as in Thailand, the street freelancers are extra risky so I’d avoid them no matter what. Methamphetamine has also found its way onto the streets of the Philippines, known locally as ‘Shabu’, and it is the dodgier street workers that are most likely to be users of it, so keep that in mind.

Sex in the Philippines

Finding someone beautiful for sex in the Philippines is easily done, and my guess is that the country is likely to attract a growing proportion of the thrill seeking western guys who, until recently, would automatically have booked their flights to Thailand.

The naughty nightlife options in Southeast Asia are plentiful but, in coming years, the Philippines seems likely to emerge as the destination of choice for naughty boys.

If you are looking for a long-term love interest then make sure you avoid the bars; the girls there come with too many risks. A trustworthy dating site is a better option, so see:

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Angeles City, on the northern Philippine island of Luzon, is well established as the main alternative for traditional visitors to Pattaya. Luzon in general, which also hosts Manila, Quezon City, and Subic Bay, is packed with options for finding sex in the Philippines, and entertainment costs are amongst the lowest that you’ll find in this region of the world.

Another really important selling point that favors Angeles City and other Philippine holiday destinations relates to the fun factor and the sense of general happiness amongst the Filipina girls and the other tourists.

It’s rare in these parts that you’ll be made to feel anything but a welcome visitor.

For those westerners that arrive in the Philippines for their annual holidays, getting away from it all, even if only for a week or two, sort of overwhelms the senses because they get to think and act like a masculine male for once. The easy sex in the Philippines helps out a lot with that, and the girls are a real testosterone booster compared to the ball-crushers you find in some places.

As time goes by there is a definite shift in some parts of Southeast Asia with regard to female attitudes towards the male customers that frequent the bar scene, and those attitudes have not changed for the better!

In the Philippines, however, you can rest assured that you’ll escape any negative nonsense and be treated with respect by the ladies that you meet there – assuming that you also treat them with respect. Good manners are a two-way street and assholes will not be tolerated!

Girlfriends and casual sex in the Philippines

If you’re looking for that perfect location that will remind you of the glory days of Thailand, at least from a Western male’s point of view, you’ll end up disappointed no matter where you go. There is no equivalent to Pattaya as it was in the late 1990s, and any search is doomed to failure.

However, if you are just looking for a holiday girlfriend to hang out with for a week or two then places like Barrio Barretto and Angeles City are perfect. You won’t find regular ladies that are just looking for casual sex in the Philippines, but there are plenty of Guest Relations Officers in the bars who will keep you company.

The only real disappointment, for the depraved amongst us, is that the gogo bars are a much tamer version of the gogo bars in Thailand… or at least the gogo bars as they used to be in Thailand. You don’t get full nudity and, if you have heard about ping pong shows and the like, you can forget it.

Condoms are not so readily available in some places and I can’t urge you strongly enough to pack your own, and make sure that you use them. Even if you care nothing for the potential health risks to yourself, spare a thought for the child that might result from an unprotected encounter.

Philippines gogo barA gogo bar (bikini bar) in Angeles City.

Catholicism has done away with any hope of a termination should a girl fall pregnant, and the extra financial burden that comes from an unplanned addition to the family is going to mean real hardship for the girl and the child – unless you want to start ponying up for the next 20 years...

Tourism, Expats, and Sex in the Philippines

The typical western sex tourists are middle-aged guys from western countries and Asian guys from Japan and Korea. It is particularly popular with Americans due to the presence that the US military has had in the country in various locations.

The expats in the Philippines come from the same mix of western nationalities, and most of them appear to be happy with their adopted home. There are some negative comments that you hear with regard to things like hidden costs related to immigration, and difficulty opening bank accounts, getting a driving license, and so on but most expats are settled.

Appearance & Localities

In terms of physical appearance, Filipina girls come in many varieties. The country itself is diverse and, if you are a discerning gentlemen who is only interested in the most beautiful ladies, you’ll have to look around a little to find them. It is well worth the search though; there are some Filipinas that are true stunners.

Probably the most popular region is Luzon in the north; the girls there tend to have tanned skin, more curvy figures than Thais and… well, larger breasts. They are regarded as being amongst the most beautiful Filipina ladies of all, at least in western eyes. Local Asian men seem to prefer the fairer skinned girls just as local men in Thailand do. The capital city, Manila, and the popular naughty boy destination Angeles City, are both located in Luzon.

Visayan women, in the central area of the Philippines, often travel to the main tourist areas in the north, so you will see plenty of them too. They are amongst the poorest people in the country and they tend to have paler skin and more slender bodies.

To the south is the predominantly Muslim region Mindanao; you’ll probably have less contact with these ladies… some countries advise against travel to this region on safety grounds. Kidnappings have been known to occur and general law & order is not regarded as being the best.

Burgos circle, Manila.

Compared to Thailand, the Philippines is a little further to the south which means that it is closer to the equator and the climate is a little hotter. The heat may not be too much of a worry for most western men but I can assure you that you won’t like the humidity there.

Even in Thailand it can be stifling; I’ve stepped out of the shower before into an air-conditioned room, dried myself completely and sprayed on liberal amounts of antiperspirant, put on some clean loose fitting shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops, and within 15 minutes of stepping outside I’ve found myself sweating badly enough for my clothes to stick to me!

You do get used to the humidity, but it isn’t nice. Happily, if you can find a lady in the Philippine city of Baguio, you’ll find that the climate there is much nicer due to the higher altitude. Like Chiang Mai in Thailand, Baguio is set in a mountainous region and it comes with some scenic beauty that adds a nice romantic backdrop to your amorous intentions.

When it comes to the food that Filipina girls are likely to rustle up for you, there’s some bad news, it is salty, greasy and not at all good. Philippine food is widely regarded by expats as rating somewhere in the range of unpalatable and inedible. Your lady won’t see things this way, of course, they hold their national cuisine in some esteem.

I imagine that this is a common phenomenon across the world; English food doesn’t exactly draw the highest acclaim from experts in the international culinary community, but I think that most Englishmen quite like it. In any case, if the way to a man’s heart is via is stomach, I’m afraid that Filipina girls are at a distinct disadvantage…

Friendship & loyalty

One of the first things that western visitors notice with Thai girls is the endless smiles that you get wherever you go. Things are not so outwardly friendly with Filipina girls but you shouldn’t be discouraged, smiles and friendliness are not the same.

The Philippines has a different culture and is more western in this regard, they might not be so outwardly approachable, but they are just as friendly in their own way, and perhaps even more so if you are looking for a real quality friendship rather than something short-term and superficial.

The strong Catholic influence in the Philippines stems from the Spanish rule of the islands which spanned over 330 years and started in the 16th century i.e. just after the worst period of persecution by the Spanish inquisition. So I guess it goes without saying that Catholicism was taken very seriously at the time. It was, and it spread quickly.

Now, given that most Filipina girls are still devout Catholics to this day, you might expect that Christian values such as the sanctity of marriage, monogamy and so on would all feature prominently in their minds. The truth is that the realities and necessities of life in a poor country have somewhat compromised these values, just as in other poor countries.

The Philippines is a diver's paradise...

Care needs to be taken when choosing who to get seriously involved with. All of the dangers that exist with Thai girls in terms of getting stuck with a gold-digger are just as real in the Philippines. Filipina girls might not be as practical as Thai women when combining matters of the heart with matters of financial necessity, but the poverty level here is even higher, and getting married to a westerner is the only feasible way out of it for many girls.

Jealousy and temper tantrums can also be an issue if your girl thinks that you have amorous intentions towards another girl – and other girls will make opportunities for you by slipping you their phone numbers and so on.

Due to the better English language skills, and relatively similar culture, you should have reasonably good instincts as to the virtue of a Filipina woman if you give yourself time to get to know her. In that regard there is extra safety in relationships with these girls, but only if you have the strength to act on your instincts rather than the words (possible lies) that you will hear.

Economics and long-term visits

Generally speaking, the cost of living in the Philippines is something like 25% lower than in Thailand, but that does not mean that the cost of holidaying there is any cheaper. In actual fact, it appears that the comparable cost of hotel accommodation is actually more expensive, and depending on your departure point I’m fairly certain that your flights won’t be any cheaper.

Some of your other costs will be significantly lower though; according to my research the cost of a beer is not much more than half what it is in Thailand. Naughty boy expenses relating to Filipina women also appear to be marginally lower.

If a long-term visit is in your plans then rented accommodation is cheaper, but the lower cost of living does come with other concerns that you might not have thought about. Infrastructure, healthcare and education (for those planning a family) are all well below the standards that you’ll find in Thailand. The pollution level in Manila is sky-high and air quality there is a concern; however, if Baguio is your preferred location then things are a little better there.

Corruption and general safety is another concern and, in the Philippines, you will need to be a little more sensible than you would be in other parts of Asia. One piece of good news is that it is a very simple affair to arrange a long-stay visa.

Final thoughts and more information

Virtually all of the same dangers that apply with other Southeast Asian ladies apply here with regard to falling into the hands of a gold-digging trickster. Generally speaking, if you can find yourself a well-educated girl, from a slightly better off family, then you will have a much better chance of finding a girl that is interested in you rather than just your money.

Online romantic opportunities are abundant. Filipino men hardly ever use online services for finding girls, so the Filipina girls that are online are usually interested in foreign men, and western men are very much in favor!

For a first time visitor to the Philippines who is arriving on a short vacation of a few weeks, you should probably opt for the delights of Luzon. Arrivals at Manila are most common and the city’s nightlife is definitely worth checking out; P Burgos Street is the place to head to for fun times.

Don’t make the mistake of limiting your time to Manila though, the best sex in the Philippines, at least as far as value for money and quantity of bar-girls is concerned, is found in Angeles city, which can be reached by taxi from Manila.

In fact, you could just head straight to Angeles City by flying into Clarke airport but that would probably require a stop-over in another Southeast Asian city, Bangkok being the obvious one, since long haul international flights don’t usually terminate at Clarke.

Most expats and regular visitors agree that Filipina working-girls tend to be a little sweeter and shyer than other working-girls in the region, and you’ll scarcely find a tramp-stamp (tattoo) amongst them. You’ll have fun with Filipina bar-girls, but their real selling point is more in terms of their suitability for serious long-term relationships rather than the quick naughty stuff.

If life in the Philippines does not appeal to you on a permanent basis, another piece of good news is that Filipina girls tend to be much more predisposed than other Asian girls to want to live in a foreign land. So, taking a lady back to your own country is an option that you might want to explore.

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