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Filipina bar girls will come as a bit of a surprise to you if you have had previous experience of Thai bar girls. The most surprising thing of all with them is that, after paying their bar-fine (early work release fee), some will refuse to go to your hotel!

Imagine that happening in Thailand; the whole point of paying a bar-fine is that you go off with your chosen lady and enjoy an intimate sexual liaison.

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Obviously this doesn't always happen, but you mustn’t assume anything without first discussing what your intentions are with the bar girl in question.

There are reports from various sources that some of the Filipina bar girls, known as ‘cherry girls’ (and supposed to be virgins) will not allow you to get them into bed.

The risk of getting a lousy service from these working-girls is higher than it is for similar ladies in Thailand.

As I’ll explain below, the custom is to pay an upfront fee rather than an after-the-deed payment in the morning. Since the payment is already made, there’s little incentive to impress you in the hope of a nice big payday.

Bar girls in Angeles City; not a tattoo in sight...

The Philippine bar-fine system operates along a different structure to what you find in Thailand and it comes as an all-inclusive fee, meaning that the girl gets a cut of it.

Obviously, all-inclusive doesn’t mean inclusive of bedroom activities if you haven’t already agreed with the girl that this is what you want.

The bar-fine, and how it varies...

The bar-fine will cost you somewhere in the region of 1,800 pesos (about $40 U.S. dollars) of which the bar girl will usually get about half.

If things do progress to the bedroom then a tip in the morning is also expected, but this is only about 500 pesos at most and doesn’t exactly inspire the girls to provide a quality experience.

The bar-fine, and the cut that Filipina bar girls receive from it, varies quite a lot depending on whereabouts you are in the country.

The figures mentioned above are standard ‘Angeles City Balibago’ prices but there is wide variation even within Angeles City; Perimeter Road is cheaper but Fields Avenue is often much more.

One of many bars in Angeles City where you can meet girls.

Prices in Manila can go over 4,000 pesos for the bar-fine alone, with the girl getting none of it. In this case it means that the tip in the morning needs to be way higher, anything up to 5,000 pesos for top quality stunning Filipina women.

As you can see, prices vary a lot more than in Thailand. The cheapest prices in the Philippines are to be found in the Visayas region, with Cebu bar girls getting all/most of the bar-fine as their cut and only a token tip in the morning.

As little as 1,100 pesos (just over $20 U.S. dollars) can be agreed with some girls.

A few pointers about Filipina bar girls

I think that the main point you need to remember in all of this is that it pays to discuss what you want before you hand over any cash.

If you know anything about Southeast Asian girls, you’ll know that losing your temper with them is a bad idea; it is especially bad to lose your temper with Filipina bar girls.

Most of them know some very dangerous individuals and can even cause trouble for you with the Police, so make sure you treat them with the utmost respect.

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Another surprising thing is that many Filipina bar girls will not go anywhere with a customer that they have only just met. If you are on the first day of your first trip to the Philippines, then you might struggle to find a companion from the bars at all!

The girls there are very wary of strangers and want to feel assured that anyone that they do go off with is safe and trustworthy, so take your time and be friendly.

I think that the last word on Filipina bar girls has to be that, if you keep your relationships short-term and avoid any kind of lasting relationship, you will have fun times.

Along with Cambodia, the Philippines is the best alternative to Thailand for those visitors who just want a bit of adult fun for a couple of weeks.

Filipina bar girls; some alternatives

A decent alternative to Filipina bar girls are the freelance girls that you can meet in the discos. You don’t need to pay any bar-fine for these girls and they get to keep all of the money that you give to them.

For that reason the freelancers can be a lot cheaper, maybe half what you pay for a bar-girl.

The downside is that they come with all the extra risks that Thai freelance girls come with. If you do decide to go this route, I’d advise you to stick to short-term fun (an hour or two) and try to make sure that you don’t leave your valuables unattended.

There are also some scary stories about freelance girls leaving the room whilst you are in the shower and bringing in a child. Soon after that a policeman visits your room and you are in big trouble!

You could be charged for underage sex and get serious jail time if you don’t make a very generous cash donation...

I’m told that this is unlikely to happen with a disco girl but, as in Thailand, the street freelancers are extra risky, so I’d avoid them no matter what.

Methamphetamine has also found its way onto the streets of the Philippines, locally known as ‘Shabu’, and it is the dodgier street workers that are most likely to be users of it, so keep that in mind.

Final thoughts

The bars themselves come in various shapes and sizes depending on the customers that they are trying to attract.

Local customers are fond of Karaoke type venues, westerners prefer the sort of bars that you find in Thailand, whilst wealthier Asians, Koreans and Japanese, prefer larger, more stylish bars.

In the westerner focused venues, the same old story applies as in Thailand with regard to dance capabilities, i.e. Filipina bar girls perform more of a shuffle than a dance!

Nudity is not allowed in any of the bars so, if you are looking for a Thai style gogo bar, I’m afraid that you are going to be disappointed.

Most expats and regular visitors agree that Filipinas tend to be a little more sweet and shy compared to their Thai sisters, and you’ll scarcely find a tramp-stamp (tattoo) amongst them.

All in all, as I’ve stated elsewhere, most expats agree that if it is short-term fun that you are looking for then Thailand is the better option.

You’ll have fun with Filipina bar girls, but the real selling point of the Philippine ladies is more in terms of their suitability for serious long-term relationships rather than the quick naughty stuff.

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