Dumaguete Escorts and Sex

Most Dumaguete escorts and other sex-workers can be found working the streets near to the main tourist/expat focused nightlife entertainment venues. There are freelance escorts in the main disco, and a few call-girl options online.

The Dumaguete call-girl options are a bit limited though, and you'll need to rely on local classified ads rather than any dedicated escort agency.

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There is a selection of happy ending massage services in Dumaguete, and local expats tend to use these places for their adult fun rather than street-workers due to the extra discretion that is offered. Service standards are good, way better than anything in Vietnam for example, and comparable with service standards in a typical naughty parlor in Thailand.

Dumaguete is a bit like Negros’ answer to Pattaya, it is a relatively short drive from the island’s main city, and it is a nightlife orientated fun destination.

Rizal Boulevard; Dumaguete Girlie Bars

The main location for the girlie bars in Dumaguete is Rizal Boulevard, which is the main road that runs along the beach. There aren’t hundreds of bars, but there is a healthy selection and most of them are places where you'll be arrange some sex with local ladies at a low price.

Sex in Dumaguete is easy to find, and as mentioned above there are lots of freelance hookers on the streets and in the main disco i.e. the ‘Why Not Disco’. Many of the girls are slim and sexy too, so there’s plenty here to keep you happy.

Another recommended venue is the Hayahay Tree House bar, which is a regular bar/restaurant with good food and an upper-tier viewing deck that looks out over the sea.

You also get live music at the Hayahay, as with many bars in town, and as always in the Philippines the quality of the bands is much better than you’ve probably come to expect in Southeast Asia.

The westerners in Dumaguete tend to love the place and they speak very highly of the laid back atmosphere and easy living. The largest expat group comes from the USA, but there are lots of other nationalities present. The local culture is just a good blend of traditional Philippine culture and western culture.

Dumaguete Sex Code of Conduct

The P4P sex scene in Dumaguete is on a small scale and one thing to bear in mind if you intend to partake in it is that, within a short period of time, more or less everyone in town is going to know who you’ve been with and what your business is.

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There’s not a great deal of privacy in a small town with a small tourism sector, but you will have lots of fun.

There is, of course, the potential to land yourself in some awkward situations if you like to spread your love around. You’ll end up in the same bars mixing with the same hookers, and if a previous acquaintance starts to feel neglected then there might be some jealousy issues to deal with.

If you are intending an extended stay, or even retirement, it’s a good idea to limit your dating exploits to regular girls, or else you’ll very quickly be blacklisted as a sex tourist.

That’s fine if you care nothing for regular dating but, if you do intend to settle down with a local girl, it will be more difficult to find someone suitable once you've been labelled a sex tourist.

Dumaguete Girls, Dating & Expenses

There are plenty of opportunities to meet regular Filipina girls in Dumaguete. The town hosts Silliman University, and the students there are open to dating respectable westerners.

If you are a little too old for that, the online sites have opportunities to meet girls, but you could also just take your time until you’ve built up some friends amongst the local expat community. They will no doubt have wives who know plenty of potential girlfriends for you to meet.

Mount Talinis, about 10km for Dumaguete, is popular with hikers.

There's always the ever present danger of falling under the spell of a gold-digger if you do get into something serious, but I believe that the risk/threat this poses is lower than it is in other Southeast Asian countries.

The cultural similarities, i.e. Christianity, and the better communication that comes with a country in which English is a second language, means that you are more able to understand any given situation. You’ll be more able to weed out the naughty girls if you are vigilant, but you’ll still need the strength to act on your instincts and not put up with any bullshit.

The cost of living in Dumaguete is ultra-low, it’s comparable with the costs in Bacolod where I’ve already stated that the prices there are just about the lowest in Southeast Asia.

You’ll really be able to make your hard-earned cash work to your advantage here whether that be related to the Dumaguete nightlife costs i.e. beer and hookers, or general costs such as rental accommodation and groceries.

Any respectable Filipina girlfriend that you get involved with will know where to obtain the freshest groceries and other items at the lowest prices in town, and even a tight budget will likely be enough to afford a luxurious lifestyle by local standards.

Crime and Safety

The Dumaguete nightlife is considered safe, albeit with the usual incidents of petty crime such as pick-pocketing and bag-snatching that happen on rare occasions. The stats I’ve seen suggest that walking alone during the day, or even at night, is regarded as being safe.

However, I do have serious concerns about safety in South Negros generally.

The island has had serious trouble with communist insurgents...

If there are enough hard-line communist rebels there to actually challenge the power of the army, which basically entails putting a target on your back for execution if the government apprehends you, then how many more local people harbor simmering hatred towards capitalists without going so far as to join the rebels?

You can include all westerners within that capitalist category because we are all perceived as being such, and so the question becomes ‘how many of the locals hate us, seriously dislike us, or just mildly dislike us’ enough to make the place dangerous?

Anyone who is familiar with Southeast Asia will be aware of the, sometimes fake, smiles on the faces of the local people in their dealings with westerners, and I wonder just how welcome we really are in parts of the Philippines. I’m not judging anyone, but in circumstances like these I go with my instincts, and my instincts tell me that in many cases we aren’t at all welcome, and that the general level of safety in South Negros is likely to be somewhat volatile.

If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time...

I don’t place a great deal of weight on the opinions of western governments, especially my own (UK) which has become something of an authoritarian nanny-state of late, but the UK is not alone in its concerns over travel safety.

Click the link to keep up to date with Philippines travel advice.

Don’t brush this one off. However unlikely it is that you’ll be kidnapped in Dumaguete, if it does happen you won’t escape with a black-eye, you could end up being tortured and killed!

Dumaguete Nightlife, final thoughts

Whilst the low cost of living is a big draw for this region of the Philippines, the cost in alternative locations such as Subic Bay are not that much higher... maybe 10% more.

The Dumaguete nightlife opportunities for fun in a laid back setting are also tempting but again, compared to Subic Bay where Angeles City and Manila are close by, it’s hard to recommend this place for anything more than a short term visit if you want late nights and lots of action with the local ladies...

That’s particularly true when you consider that long-term visitors have reasons to avoid the Dumaguete escort temptations with regard to the local hookers... a short-term visitor on the other hand can indulge without restraint!

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