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By Sam (from Malaysia)

Central Vietnam is amazing and Da Nang girls are both attractive and exotic. Life here is much more laid back than in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. People are nice, beaches are clean, and there’s less noise and pollution. It’s cheap too, which makes it a great place to be.

It's surprising that this city gets relatively few tourists, most of whom are backpackers that are here for a few days before heading north to Hanoi or south to HCMC.

If you want a serious relationship, most Vietnamese ladies are happy to leave their own country to live with their soul-mates. They are feminine and sweet and on:

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There are a few western expats that live here with their Vietnamese wives, and they tell me that central Vietnam is the place to find a long-term partner if that's what you're looking for.

Most of these expats are semi-retired and come from either America or Australia. Some work as part-time English teachers whereas others open bars or restaurants. Regardless of what they do, it’s easy to find them and they’re usually up for a chat.

Living in Da Nang

Living here is relaxing, the pace of life is slow and people are nicer. The nightlife is quiet compared to other parts of the country and it’s really not a place to come for all-night parties. This isn’t a good place to come for sex tourism either; prostitutes are rare. Da Nang girls are traditional and casual encounters aren’t easy to find.

Da Nang is highly regarded by the westerners who have seen its shores...

One challenging part of life is that few people speak English. Communication is more difficult and you’ll either become an expert in charades or pick up a bit of the language. If you’re looking for a relationship, this can make dating a little tricky.

Sex in Da Nang

If you are looking for some simple no strings attached sex in Da Nang then your options are limited but not entirely absent. As mentioned there's not much of a nightlife scene and most westerners here are of the long-term variety rather than the short-term party goer variety, and that means there's a smaller prostitution circuit. Bar girls are non existent and even street hookers are rare.

The best options for getting a little fun are to look online either at a regular dating site (see my recommendation) or a Da Nang escort site. There are a few Da Nang escorts to be found here but not many.

Da Nang escort prices seem to start at around $150 and go much higher for anything longer than a couple of hours, so I'd start with a regular dating site as your first option if you want to keep a lid on your expenses.

Da Nang offers a relaxed, intimate, low key nightlife scene

That's about all there is to stay regarding the naughty stuff in this part of Vietnam, so let’s get back to meeting, dating, and having a serious relationship in a more traditional manner.

What are Da Nang Girls Like?

Any local or long-term resident can tell you that Vietnamese girls get more conservative as you move north. This is true for central Vietnam. Da Nang girls along with girls from Hue and Hoi An take a lot more dedication and commitment to get into a relationship.

This is different to HCMC where you can you sleep with a different girl each night. So, let me reiterate Da Nang isn’t a place to come if you’re looking for casual sex.

However, you’ll be rewarded when you pass this barrier and start to date girls from Da Nang. They’re feminine and you’re expected to be the man and to take care of them. Girls from Central Vietnam are loving and make a great girlfriend or wife.

Finding a long-term love interest in Vietnam is easy to do if you take your time and enjoy a courtship. The ladies of Vietnam are seeking permanent relationships on:

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Nothing is too much to please their man. Sure, they may be a little temperamental at times and the language barrier can be a problem, but in the long run you’ll have a great relationship.

Meeting girls the traditional way

The biggest advantage and disadvantage is the fact that you’re a Westerner. There aren’t many around, which makes you more of a prize, but at the same time you probably can’t speak Vietnamese and they only know a word or two of English.

The problem is that you’ll get the attention you desire, but when the girl comes over you won’t be able to communicate. So, you can meet girls at restaurants or coffee shops and they will be interested and intrigued to be with a foreigner. I had several awkward moments in a coffee shop trying to have a conversation through gestures.

In the end it failed big time. Perhaps this isn’t ideal unless you speak Vietnamese or are up for the challenge. A friend used Google translate to communicate with someone he dated for three months. It’s not impossible.

If a girl wants to meet a foreigner, she’ll often choose to use a dating website. If you contact a few online girls and arrange to meet them, expect at least 30-40% to cancel or to not turn up.

Most of the westerners I meet who sign up to dating websites in Da Nang end up marrying the girl they dated. Only a small number have had problems with scams or the relationship breaking up, and even then it wasn’t the fault of the girl.

The first date will more likely than not be at a coffee shop. This will be during daylight hours or early evening. Expect Da Nang girls to turn up to the first date with a female friend. They’ll probably be talking to each other in Vietnamese and giggling a lot. You won’t understand it but don’t let this bother you, it happens all the time.

The second and third dates may or may not be just the two of you. Some Da Nang girls are very enthusiastic. In fact, enthusiastic may not be a strong enough word, obsessive is the adjective of choice for a few westerners.

In the early stages of the relationship you may get a lot of phone calls or texts. Much more than when you’re dating in your home country.

Again, don’t let this freak you out. Foreigners are rare, which makes the ladies more eager to hold onto you. They also want to know that you’re committed before they let their barrier down.

In the bars, I hear the expats complain about their girls giving mixed messages. A lot of texting makes you think they’re really into you yet, when you try it on, the wall goes up again…

A Few Things to Consider

The women here make great girlfriends and wives. If you do get married, are you happy to live the rest of your life in Vietnam? People here are traditional and families won’t want their daughters to live abroad.

In any case, the Vietnamese passport is weak and bringing a girl back to your own country is very difficult.

Some of my friends complain about Vietnam all the time, but they’re married and can’t leave, so consider carefully if you’re willing to spend the rest of your days in Vietnam before meeting any Da Nang girls.

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