Chiang Mai Girls & Life in the North

Chiang Mai girls are noticeably taller and fairer skinned than the other ladies that you'll meet in Thailand so, if that appeals to you, then you should consider this northern city as a place worth investigating.

Along with Chiang Rai it is located in the mountainous north where the higher altitude means that the climate is significantly cooler than any other place that you'll read about on my site, and that’s good news if you dislike heat and humidity.

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Temperatures are still very comfortable though, without the heat being too stifling.

With regard to finding a companion in Chiang Mai, you could try the traditional method of trying to score with a regular girl once you get there, but I know that most guys like to have something a bit more in the way of a pre-arranged itinerary before heading off somewhere new.

As is often recommended on my site, online dating is the answer.

If it's a regular girl that you are intending to meet, Chiang Mai girls are amongst the best as they are more likely to have retained their traditional values.

The creeping effects of globalization are less apparent for the time being, but if you really want to maximize your chances of finding a traditional lady, Chiang Rai girls are an even better bet than the ladies in Chiang Mai.

As I mentioned above, Chiang Mai girls tend to be taller than the girls from any of the other areas that I’ve described, and that's because of their Chinese ethnic origins, which also makes them fairer skinned.

If Buddhist temples are your thing, some of the best are in Chiang Mai.

Online opportunities & characteristics of Chiang Mai girls

The dating sites aren’t just good for meeting regular girls for serious romance, there are also plenty of girls just out to make some extra money or just looking for some fun.

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The added rewards of meeting someone that knows her way around town will pay dividends and it’s not just about finding the best nightlife; Chiang Mai is absolutely beautiful if you go at the right time of year.

Being located in a mountainous region means that there are some stunningly beautiful scenic locations to be found in and around the city.

My tip is to go over just after the rain season has finished, the end of November is usually a good choice; the colours will be at their most vibrant at that time and the rivers/waterfalls will be at their fullest.

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As with Pattaya girls, the girls that you will find in Chiang Mai are very sweet and the working-girls will provide the full ‘girlfriend experience’.

The girls tend to be a little less battle hardened, with fewer visible tattoos than the girls elsewhere, and you’ll find that they are a little quieter and more reserved in character.

Thai culture frowns upon ladies that act in a loud and outgoing manner, and the close-knit community in the city ensures that the behaviour of the ladies more closely conforms to the traditional calm and polite role model.

Whilst Chiang Mai in general has more of a traditional feel to it than some areas of Thailand, in other ways it is a modern city. The big multinational corporations have invested quite heavily, so don't be surprised to see all the usual western fast-food outlets and high-street brand names.

Contrasting the MNCs, there are lots of temples, lots of monks, lots of Buddhist festivals... there are even some hill-tribes living nearby that are friendly towards tourists.

All in all, it’s a place that will appeal to a lot of westerners on some level. Some will prefer a brief visit, others would jump at the chance to settle there on a more permanent basis.

The rural areas in the North of Thailand certainly offer a different way of life.

Chiang Mai bar girls

Whilst the city does have a popular bar area for tourists, known as Loi Kroh Road, it is small in comparison to the big nightlife destinations in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

The prices that you’ll pay are low, amongst the lowest anywhere, but the beauty of the girls in the bars on Loi Kroh Road is not considered to be of a high standard; butt-ugly is a popular description of the ladies that you’ll find working on Loi Kroh Road…

The only paid option where beauty comes as standard is with escort girls in the area.

There are exceptions of course, but the best looking Chiang Mai bar girls tend not to stay in the industry for long. That's because some poor fellow will usually take an early leap of faith and try to make an honest girlfriend out of her...

Chiang Mai bar girls are no different to sex workers from any other place as regards their suitability for long-term romance. To acquaint yourself with their usual methods, have a look at the advice on this page.

Happily, whilst the nightlife options that you are first presented with are small, there is much more to the city than first meets the eye. Most visitors never realise that the best of the nightlife is strewn out all across the city.

Much of it is Thai-style, which gives a new experience, but there’s no way that you’ll discover it all by yourself if you are on a short, first-time visit.

That makes meeting up with some Chiang Mai girls all the more important since they’ll be able to show you around. Bar girls are fine for this purpose, but I'd still avoid their services if you want to meet a regular girl because you'll need to avoid the stigma that comes with being seen in the company of a working-girl.

Don't go thinking that regular girls will give you a pass and turn a blind eye to a known whore-monger, and don't doubt that you'll soon be labelled as such if you mingle with the wrong company!

The Chiang Mai night market.

Cost of living in Chiang Mai

One of the main attractions of the city to humble paupers such as myself is the extremely low cost of living in Chiang Mai. Pattaya is cheap, but it doesn’t compare to this place.

Using the figures provided by the link above to compare the city’s expenses with Bangkok, the overall cost of living is a lot lower. The biggest difference is in rent where the average cost is around half that in Bangkok.

Due to the cheap living there's a sizable expat community and an even more sizable community of 'digital nomads' visiting on long-term visas. Many of these guys have found themselves long-term Thai girlfriends and wives from amongst the local Chiang Mai girls.

If you are close to retirement and don’t want to live in the bedlam of Bangkok or Pattaya, Chiang Mai is a serious alternative and well worth further investigation.

By all accounts, the expats that do live there speak very highly of the quality of life that it offers for a man on a budget.

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