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Chiang Mai escort girls are expensive; they’re not expensive compared to the other areas of Thailand where Thai escort prices are very similar wherever you go, but they are expensive compared to other, general costs in Chiang Mai.

This northern city is not Bangkok; it is much poorer and the prices asked by working-girls here are usually amongst the lowest that you’ll find anywhere in the country. 

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Because of the extra expense that call girls come with, it is difficult to recommend Chiang Mai escort girls to anyone who is on a tight budget... you can easily find much better value with the other working girls. You could even take a look at the dating sites where you'll find regular local ladies that are looking for some fun times.

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Chiang Mai sex services, and working-girls, come in all the usual varieties i.e. bar girls; massage parlours, and freelancers.

The bar girls working in the city, centred around Loi Kroh Road, are not regarded as being amongst the best looking girls but once you start to know the city a little you’ll discover that there are a lot of Thai style nightspots where you will find freelance hookers and even regular girls that would be happy to entertain you.

A local baht bus, you can meet girls on these trucks...

If you intend to have a longer stay in the area, as many 'digital nomad' expats do, you'll find that meeting regular girls in public places is so easy that it makes P4P somewhat redundant.

That said, there will still be financial costs involved with seeing regular girls...

Chiang Mai Naughty Massage

Massage fans will be happy to know that the city is well stocked with parlours and that yes, the naughty stuff is available in lots of them. Don’t assume that every parlour provides the extra services though; there are actually a large number of professional parlours where you will not be able to get any off-the-menu extras.

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The massage shops near to Loi Kroh Road will most likely have the happy endings that you are looking for. You’re best bet for finding the really good stuff i.e. the Thai soapy massage, is to have a look for the ‘Celebrities Shower Massage’, which is also located on Loi Kroh Road.

The Night Market

Another popular collection of bars can be found near to the Night Market just inside the old city walls. These tend to be regular watering holes without any hookers, but they will still appeal to you since they are very close to Loi Kroh Road.

Chiang Mai night market

Be careful with some of the Karaoke bars in the Night Market area, I’ve heard stories about girls that will sit with you and quickly run up some expensive bar bills on your tab if you don’t stop them.

Chiang Mai Escort Supply & Demand

A big proportion of the western visitors that travel to Chiang Mai are either couples, visiting for the scenery and the temples, or expats that are staying there for the extremely low cost of living. The implication is that the demand for Chiang Mai escort girls is low since most people either don’t want them or can’t afford their fees.

Most of the long-term visitors here are on a tight budget; it’s probably the most popular destination for expats that try to eek out a meagre living from their online businesses and web services, so these guys like to stretch a baht and most don’t use the services of Chiang Mai escort agencies. In any case, there just isn’t the need.

Additional P4P Info

The P4P industry extends to more than bar-girls; click the links for details:

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Morals & Ethics

Many expats report that it is extremely easy to meet local women in shops, on the streets, on buses and so on. If you just want to arrange some casual relationships with regular girls then it really is not at all difficult. There are a lot of Thai girls that just want a little adventure in their otherwise dull lives and having a casual ‘farang’ friend often fits the bill.

If you are unconvinced by this, or if it doesn’t suit your style, there are a few escort agencies that can provide call girls. It really is a surprise that the rates asked are not lower since the demand for Chiang Mai call girls is so low, and it’s not as if local wage rates for alternative regular jobs are high, they are amongst the lowest in Thailand!

From an economics viewpoint, it can only mean that the supply of girls willing to work for Chiang Mai escort agencies is just as low as the demand from customers; and if that’s the case then it’s unclear why that should be. Then again, simple supply and demand calculations have long resulted in anomalies when it comes to Thai girls, and I see know reason why Chiang Mai sex services should escape the peculiarities of the Thai approach to life!

Chiang Mai Sex, final thoughts

This is not the best destination in Thailand for the sort of short-term fun that visitors enjoy in the big nightlife orientated places, but for people visiting on longer term visas there are various reports that, once you get to know the city, good times are available.

These good times are not usually had with Chiang Mai escort girls, getting a local girlfriend or a string of casual lady-friends seems to be the selling point... that and the generally cheap way of life.

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