Cebu Nightlife & Local Ladies

The Cebu nightlife scene is generally most suitable for guys that like to make the most of a limited budget whilst still having all the usual options open to them with regard to entertainment i.e. both regular and P4P...

The island really is a good place to head off to if you want to have fun, it excels as a place to meet regular ladies, but the bar girls are good company too.

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Cebu bar girls are open to ideas about meeting up somewhere, and many will make that clear to you, but more often than not they won’t be able to go anywhere until after their shifts are over.

You might think that this is a ploy to get you to purchase more lady-drinks at inflated prices, but I don’t think that this is the case. Cebu girls are a lot less pushy than you might be accustomed to, and there’s no real pressure to buy them drinks.

Prostitution in Cebu is a lot less in-your-face but it is still there. Freelance working-girls are commonplace but their asking prices can vary like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen some video footage of a girl literally asking for thousands of US dollars!

I imagine that she may have heard one of those stories about western virgins selling their virginity online to the highest bidder, and getting some astronomical amount for it, and then assumed that she can work the same deal with a typical western sex-tourist… I wish her luck, she’ll need it!

The infrastructure is well developed in Cebu.

Haggling over prices may or may not work, but I think that it is quite typical that you are quoted a 'take it or leave it' amount. The trick here is to make sure that you have the right sort of preliminary conversation with the Cebu bar girls and freelance hookers before you get around to talking about money.

If the girl thinks that you are a newbie, she may well try to extract a high amount and then refuse to budge on it. So, don’t let her think that this is your first tango…

Mango Square; The Cebu Red Light District

The best place to find Cebu nightlife is in the island’s main city, no surprises there, and the best area of Cebu city is Mango Square (technically called Maxilom Avenue). It’s here that you’ll find the friendliest foreigner focused bars and bar girls.

The beer bars tend to be indoor venues rather than the open air bars that you might be used to in other parts of Southeast Asia, and personally I don’t much like them. They do offer the advantage of air-conditioning, but unless there’s something worth looking at inside the bar then there’s not much to occupy your mind.

These bars are quiet during the day, and people-watching opportunities with a relaxing beverage in hand are thin on the ground. Also, don’t forget that the bar girls themselves are unavailable for take-out until their work is finished.

Fort San Pedro dates back to the Spanish rule in the 16th century.

The Cebu nightlife live-music venues are very good, as is often the case in the Philippines (in fact, the best live-bands in Thailand usually originate from the Philippines). I make this statement in reference to live western music – the greater familiarity with English in the Philippines lends itself well to the singing of English language songs.

The main discos don’t get the same mixture of younger and older age groups that you find in some places. Most patrons are young guys/gals, and not foreigners. Many of the city's freelance hookers hang around outside these establishments and they’ll sometimes be seated at tables in small groups. They will hail you over to them if they catch your eye.

The Bikini bars (i.e. The Philippines answer to Thai gogo bars) are a big disappointment and not recommended. There’s no nudity and the standard of the ladies that work in these places is well below par. I’d avoid them, there are better bars with prettier girls, better music, lower prices, and so on to be found elsewhere.

Happy ending massage is Cebu is not readily available, and even guys that have lived in the city for years have failed to find anything other than standard legitimate massage parlors.

That said, if you really want to find some action, you might get lucky depending on the masseuse and her preferences. She’ll still most likely not provide what you are hoping for but, if she likes you, something might happen. It certainly isn’t my recommended means of finding P4P action, and if you want a regular girl then I still wouldn’t recommend going after a masseuse…

Cebu Escorts

Whilst most of the prostitution in Cebu is a lot less obvious than it usually is in Southeast Asia, one exception comes with Cebu escort girls. Their modus operandi is identical to call girls anyplace in the world, and a quick online search will uncover agencies with Cebu escorts that are available.

If you are looking for a long-term love interest then make sure you avoid the bars; the girls there come with too many risks. A trustworthy dating site is a better option, so see:

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The prices that different Cebu escorts charge varies substantially, with hourly fees ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 PHP (1 or 2 hours) with no obvious difference in the beauty of the girls on offer.

If you want a girl to stay with you for longer than the standard hour or two then the cost per hour will come down, but by nowhere near as much as with, for example, Thai bar girls. You’ll still need to come up with at least 10,000 to 20,000 PHP for an overnight service.

Cebu Nightlife and Regular Girls

Here is where the city starts to make sense, finding regular Cebu girls for long-term dating, or even short-term fun, is a lot easier than it is in the destinations that attract typical sex tourists. Cebu does draw its share of naughty visitors, but there are also a lot of guys that aren’t interested in the illicit stuff and will only get involved with regular girls.

You can meet these ladies at the discos and bars that are frequented by foreigners, and this is a significant difference with most places… or at least most places outside the Philippines.

In the Southeast Asian countries where Buddhism is the main religion, you usually find that regular girls don’t go anywhere near to tourist hotspots for fear of being labelled as easy-girls.

Many locals take their Catholicism seriously...

Regular Filipina girls are not so conservative that they will avoid being seen with foreign guys, and they don’t fear being labelled in the same way, but they do have a different obstacle to overcome with regard to sex i.e. their religion. They are mostly devout Catholics and somewhat reluctant to engage in casual sex.

Whilst they don’t fear labels, they do fear the prospect of going to hell…

Catholicism has a lot to answer for in my secular opinion, but each to their own. Regular Filipina girls are available for romance, but they are more likely to withhold sex at least until she is comfortable that your intentions toward her are honourable.

You won’t need to get married first, most girls aren’t that strict, but you should treat them with respect and expect that a first date will not end up between the sheets.

Cebu Nightlife Crime & Safety

As a general rule the Philippines is regarded as being one of the more dangerous places in Southeast Asia.

Reports of kidnappings with ransom demands are the most worrying, but this only happens in rare instances and most of those instances occur in the southern provinces of the Philippines. I think that crime is more prevalent the further south that you go.

Cebu is located in the middle of the country, and is regarded as being quite safe.

Cebu nightlife related crime is not particularly common, no more than in your average town/city in Southeast Asia, and personally I'm not unduly concerned about visiting the island.

The only point that needs to be stressed, even more vociferously than for other countries in the region, is that you should not get involved with drugs – not unless you regard a life sentence in prison or a possible death penalty as mere quibbling…

Final Thoughts

Overall, the island of Cebu is highly regarded as a place worth visiting, and it has been rated amongst the best islands in the world by one major travel magazine.

Whilst the Cebu nightlife scene comes with most of the usual naughty options, it doesn’t excel in this department and it’s tough to recommend it to P4P thrill seekers.

This city is more of a place to go looking for someone serious.

The Philippines in general is probably the best country in Southeast Asia for guys that want a permanent love interest and, amongst the locations within the country, Cebu is as good as anywhere. It has a good balance of regular dating options and western style creature comforts.

The Cebu nightlife offers a sort of mixture between Asian and Western type establishments, without the rampant naughty stuff of the former, or the negative attitudes of some western girls from the latter.

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