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By Axel (from Prachuap)

Cebu girls are a little different from the usual crop of ladies that you’ll bump into on your travels through South East Asia; the difference in culture in the Philippines and the different historical experiences that the place has had have shaped a unique way of life.

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While working in Guam a few years back I made friends with several Filipinos; that's what sparked my interest in the Philippines. They all suggested that I should visit Cebu Province. When I learned that there were over 150 islands in the area, I just had to go there. I couldn't resist the sound of tropical beaches, towering coconut palms, pristine water… and Filipina girls!

The flight arrived after a short hop from Manila and I checked myself into a nice enough hotel. My plan was to stay in Cebu City for a few days and then head for the surrounding islands. I loved the Philippines, everyone spoke English and it was really different from anything I had experienced before.

The jeepneys were so cool. In case you haven't been to the Philippines, a jeepney is a stretched Willys jeep that is used for public transport.

The first evening I went to a restaurant/bar that had an excellent cover band. There was a guy on keyboard, another one on bass guitar and two Cebu girls in the front that sang and danced like nobody's business.

I'll be honest with you, in a matter of seconds, I had taken a fancy for the younger singer. She sang like a professional and her slender body was one with the beat. God, she had rhythm. Add to that a pretty face and shiny, long black hair. I was sold, I had to get to know her...

The place was not that busy, so during the break the bass player came up to my table to chat. His name was Tony and he asked, "How do you like the music?" I told him that I loved the tight sound and that the singers were outstanding.

Tony invited me to stay on for the after party. He added, "I'll introduce you to the rest of the band." After I had requested a song, Tony made his way back to the small stage.

They opened the second set with ‘What a Feeling’ by Irene Cara, I couldn't have been happier. My favourite singer – the younger of the two Cebu girls, had a voice that was vibrant and bright. She was as talented as she was sexy.

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Cebu girls up close

The last song the band performed was ‘Careless Whisper’. Tony took on the lead vocals and played his bass guitar with such feel. What a talent, what a touch. I was exalted, the music was great, what a night.

I was dying to meet the Cebu girls. At the bar, Tony introduced me to the keyboardist and the two singers. Her name was Imelda. I was blown away by her beauty and sex appeal. She was of medium height and had a lovely figure. But what struck me the most was her self-esteem, she knew that she was really attractive and talented.

I asked her if she liked traveling and she said that she hadn't travelled much, but that she was curious to see new places. As she was talking I was soaking in her beauty. Her teeth were perfectly aligned and her skin complexion was almost golden. I was so excited to talk to her.

Once I had fired the second question her way, I was in for a big surprise. I can't recall exactly what I asked, but it had something to do with traveling. I absolutely love traveling and talk about it whenever I get the chance. Instead of answering my casual question, Imelda sort of flared up and asked in a fierce voice, "Are you are journalist!"

Wow, she was hot-tempered like a snake, and obviously didn't care for my questions. I had never met a woman with balls like that, let alone that she was stunning! I wondered if all Cebu girls are like that or if I’d behaved inappropriately.

I decided to give her a break and talked to the other singer instead. Her name was Jane and she had recently completed a 1-year entertainment contract at a hotel in Dubai. She was probably in her early thirties. Jane came across as really professional and pleasant.

The five of us hung out at the bar for an hour or so. The keyboard player was also a really nice guy, he called himself DD. As I parted with the band, I told them that I’d be back at the bar the following night.

Back at the hotel I showered and lay down on the wide bed; I couldn't stop thinking about Imelda. What an attractive woman, what a personality. I wanted her badly and was wondering how I might soften her up, I figured that the best approach would be to give her some space and to avoid asking any questions.

The following morning I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant with an American guest. Tom told me that he had been frequenting the Philippines for over 10 years and just loved it. I tried to understand how come Imelda was so hot-tempered, so I asked him about the Filipina character.

Tom explained that the Philippines used to be a Spanish colony and that it is the only Christian country in Asia. He continued, "Filipinas are not gentle like Buddhists, they are much tougher. They've had their share of hardship and have a totally different outlook on life." Tom added that Philippine people are wonderful people.

It was an enlightening breakfast chat, not that I had ever met a Buddhist at that point in my life, but I did feel better equipped to put my finger on the Filipina spirit.

That evening I was back at the venue and, surely enough, the band was in full swing. Imelda wore a tight, sexy black outfit. I had forgotten just how hot she was. During the break I went up to the bar to talk to the band and try my new approach on the Cebu girls.

While I was chatting with Tony, Imelda came up to me and placed her hand on my upper arm, Tony grinned at the sight. In a confident voice she said, "Lunch tomorrow." The first thought that sped through my mind was, "What?" I would have loved to have played it cool but I settled for, "Lunch and dinner!" Everyone cracked up laughing. That was a great moment, I was on a natural high.

With the newly gained confidence, I asked them, "Play me an ABBA tune, will you?" Imelda's eyes shone like gem stones while singing Money, Money, Money. No doubt about it, her attitude had changed completely.

The after-party was much more relaxed than the previous night. Imelda asked a couple of questions about Europe and what kind of food I liked. I told her that I would love to try some delicious Philippine food. She slapped me on the thigh, and said in an excited voice, "One of the most famous fish dishes is called Lapu-Lapu."

I loved her attention, her cute accent and more than anything, her beauty, confident ways and sex appeal. What a package! She asked me if I had dated any Cebu girls before. I said, "No, but I'm ready!" We had a lot of fun that night, and by the time we went our separate ways it was really late; Imelda kissed me goodbye on the cheek.

The following weeks we met on a daily basis and, as soon as Imelda got some time off work, we headed for the islands. The band had a substitute singer, so there were no hard feelings. I remember the tropical beaches, the sweet mangoes and the coconut juice. We had great fun playing in the surf.

The Cebu girls can be tough, but don't let that fool you...

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