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As with the tourist areas of Thailand, Cambodian hookers can be found working in the bars and clubs in some parts of Phnom Penh, I’ve written about this already on my page about the Phnom Penh nightlife. On this page I thought that I’d add a little extra info about the feel of the tourist areas of Cambodia’s capital city, and the sort of night out that you can enjoy there.

As for the tourists themselves, they tend to be of an older generation than you’ll find, for example, on the coast in Sihanoukville. You don’t get so many backpackers in the capital, and the entertainment has a little more of a mature sort of feel to it. Live music bars are dotted around the place with most performing songs favoured by an older generation of westerners.

The Cambodian hookers that work the bars are referred to locally as hostesses, and the bars that they work in are referred to as hostess bars. If you feel yourself wanting to accompany a hostess off the bar’s premises then you will have no trouble doing so. The same bar-fine and tip for the girl set-up that operates in Thailand is also in operation in Cambodia, but prices are usually lower. As with Sihanoukville, a beer can be bought for as little as US$0.50, and you’ll use dollars to pay rather than the local currency (although small change will be given in Cambodian Riel).

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Getting around the city can be done on foot as all of the main places are fairly close together, but there are a lot of commentators that advise using a motorbike taxi or tuk tuk (the cost of which will be $1) with the reason being that the streets are not safe at night. I think that the general safety is much improved in recent years, but you might be a little unnerved walking around at night as the streets are not so well-lit as in other Asian capital cities.

You will see Cambodian hookers loitering around on the streets, as well as a lot more beggars than in other parts of South East Asia. The beggars are less prominent at night, and vice versa for the hookers. If you are looking for some company until the next morning, I’d advise against using a girl that is not tied to a bar because there is the ever present risk that a freelance girl will do a disappearing act in the middle of the night with all your valuables… that's assuming that you intend to sleep at some point, if not then no worries :)

If fairer skinned girls are your preference then there are some Cambodian hookers in the bars that originate from Vietnam. These girls are often regarded as being a bit harder on the outside, but I think that this might just be a reflection of Vietnamese culture where people tend to be less immediately friendly, but more genuine once you get to know them.

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