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Cambodia Escorts & Regular Girls

For naughty boy travelers, Cambodia escorts come in most of the usual forms. There are hostess girls working in the bars, freelancers working the streets and discos, and there are some online opportunities (although very few actual call-girls).

Anyone who is familiar with the online dating scene in Southeast Asia will know that 'dates' are easily arranged here... and Cambodia is no different in this regard.

Cambodian ladies are super sweet and offer strong traditional values. If you want to meet a lady online, then the best place to start looking is at:

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When it comes to romance with regular Cambodian girls, you should be aware that success is not for the feint hearted. The idea that Cambodia is like Thailand was 30 years ago might not be accurate, but in terms of dating it isn’t a bad comparison.

The culture gap between western countries and Cambodia is wide, and that will play a massive part in any attempt at long-term romantic success.

In the aesthetics department, Cambodian girls are not thought to be the most beautiful in Asia but, before you stop reading, consider this. You might be fishing for beauties in a much smaller pond, but once you catch one you’re much less likely to face any real hurdles to getting a relationship going.

In most of the Southeast Asian countries that are considered home to the most beautiful ladies, it is a tougher feat to actually score with them.

In Vietnam, for example, you will need to put extra effort into a relationship before a regular girl will date you (I mean a real regular girl, not a hooker posing as one). Sex will be a distant dream and her parents are more likely to end things by refusing to approve you as a worthy suitor!

You personally might even prefer the look of Cambodian girls; they tend to be darker-skinned, slimmer on average than most Asian girls, but with larger breasts. Noses might be a little flatter at the bridge, and the girls tend to be a little shorter.

Cambodian Bar Girls & Sex

If you are tied to life in Cambodia for one reason or another, perhaps because of work commitments, or if you are only intending a vacation there, then you may be interested in the short-term intimacy opportunities that are open to you. The adult sex scene is more reserved than it is in Thailand, but it is a more intimate scene, more relaxed and with less hassle.

This might not be something that you would ordinarily consider as a long-term companionship solution, but it is a option that some men go for. The key requirement is to be able to remain emotionally detached; you must not fall in love with any working girl, and don’t risk any sort of ongoing relationship if you feel that getting too attached is even a remote possibility.

If you can live like this, sex in Cambodia is not hard to find, and the bar girls in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville can be very relaxing, good company.

A long-term girlfriend experience with a Cambodian hooker will be much cheaper and less stressful if you can do away with the idea that the only happy relationship is a loving monogamous one.

Consider the difference to marriage with regular Cambodian girls; her family will not be involved, you can get time alone whenever you want, get drunk with other expats, smoke cannabis for breakfast (okay, this one is illegal…), see other girls, and so on.

Sihanoukville; Cambodia's only sizeable beach resort

This is an option that doesn’t really exist in the West (unless you have very deep pockets), but some of the happiest western expats in Asia live life this way and never get too attached to any one particular girl.

Cambodia Escorts & Prices

Cambodia escorts, by which I mean all types of working girls, operate in a similar manner to other countries in the region with a few local differences. The main difference from a westerner’s point of view relates to the prices that are asked by the girls and yes, as you’ll no doubt expect, they are low.

Cambodia is the poorest country in South East Asia after Burma/Myanmar, and that helps to keep prices down.

As in other poor countries in the region, there are lots of girls who have turned to sex-work as a means of providing for their families. These girls are often very quiet and shy too, as evidenced by the fact they are often shy to discuss prices!

The standard fee that is asked in the ‘hostess’ bars for a short-time appointment has risen sharply in recent years. This partly because of the very generous tips that Japanese customers are famous for... and some girls have even lost interest in western guys altogether and will only go with the high paying Japanese guys.

Don't go thinking that you'll have to settle for second best, Japanese tastes are a little strange to my eye and they seem to prefer girls that make themselves up to resemble wax dolls, androids, or anime characters. I'm stereotyping shamelessly here, but I think it's fair to notice that there's a significant difference in taste.

Casual fun with the regular ladies of Cambodia is not as common as it is in some parts of Asia, but there are still some online opportunities to be found at:

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The standard fee asked by bar-girls (hostess girls if you prefer) for short-time sex is usually $50, but that's usually more negotiable than elsewhere in SEA. Some Cambodia escort girls will ask for a lot less but you will need to compromise in the looks department, because the best looking girls have plenty of other options...

$20 for sex, i.e. an hour or so, is not unusual. If you want the girl’s services for an extended period of a week or more then you should get a discounted rate of something like $20 to $30 per day and in these circumstances the girlfriend experience is more or less guaranteed.

$20 per day is cheap, but it is more than some girls make from this line of work. On the infamous K-11 strip (so called because it is located 11km outside of the city) local girls service mostly Cambodian men, and short-time services are said to be available for as little as $5.

I highly recommend that you do NOT get involved in any of the things that go on at K-11. It is a place where only the lowest form of Western pond scum go, and usually for something highly illegal.

In terms of what's offered, most Cambodia escort services tend to be a little less adventurous than you find in Thailand, and getting oral sex (referred to locally as ‘yum yum’) is no easy thing.

There is one dedicated bar in Phnom Penh that provides this, the ‘Cyrcee Club’ (pronounced sir-zay) is full of ladies that specialize in oral entertainment and the standard package comes with two girls at once for an hour or so.

Vietnamese Hookers & Cambodian Hookers

You should be especially careful with the Vietnamese hookers who work in Cambodia. They have a much sterner attitude than Cambodian hookers, with rumors abound that trafficking is a problem.

I do wonder if these Viet girls are there of their own volition. Working-girl costs in Vietnam are significantly higher, and finding customers no harder, so why would they choose to be in Cambodia?

Getting around Phnom Penh can be done on foot as all of the main places are fairly close together, but there are a lot of commentators who advise using a motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk with the reason being that the streets are not safe at night.

Phnom Penh red light districtColonial French architecture in the Phnom Penh red light district.

I think that the general safety is much improved in recent years, but you might be a little unnerved walking around at night as the streets are not so well-lit as in other Asian capital cities.

You will see Cambodian hookers loitering around on the streets, as well as a lot more beggars than in other parts of South East Asia. The beggars are less prominent at night, and vice versa for the hookers.

If you are looking for some company until the next morning, I’d advise against using a girl that is not tied to a bar because there is the ever present risk that a freelance girl will do a disappearing act in the middle of the night with all your valuables… that's assuming that you intend to sleep at some point, if not then no worries :)

If fairer skinned girls are your preference then Vietnamese hookers will appeal. These girls are often regarded as being a bit harder on the outside, but I think that this might just be a reflection of Vietnamese culture where people tend to be less immediately friendly, but more genuine once you get to know them.

However, as mentioned, be aware of the danger of trafficking. If you stray down this path then make sure that the girl is happy and freely choosing her line of work.

Cambodia Call Girls

I was quite surprised to find that there is no online escort agency serving Cambodia, I couldn’t even find any Phnom Penh call girls attached to any dedicated professional set up. There may be some postings in classified ads sections on various websites, but that’s about it.

It got me thinking about why that might be, and I have one possible explanation:

I doubt that there would be enough demand from local men to support Cambodia escort establishments, and even in other countries in the region it is not local men that provide custom, it tends to come from western visitors. In Cambodia, I think that the typical western visitor is a different sort of animal.

For starters, there is widespread evidence that the body of western men visiting, or living, in Cambodia is much smaller than in other countries in the region, which means fewer potential customers to service.

More than that though, the Cambodia prostitution scene seems to attract the poorer western visitors to Asia, the guys that really need to live on a shoestring budget. I’m talking about back-packers, as well as the guys that come for the cheapest beer in Asia.

Cambodia hostess bars'Hostess' bars in Phnom Penh are home to many working girls.

You get the sort of guys here whose immediate reaction to being offered sex in exchange for 4 peanuts and a bar of soap is to spend the next hour haggling the price down to 2 peanuts and no soap… that's hardly the sort of customer that a Cambodian escort service would appeal to.

Tourist Observations

Tourists in Phnom Penh have traditionally tended to be of an older generation than you’ll find on the coast in Sihanoukville, and you don’t get so many backpackers in the capital, which means that the entertainment has a little more of a mature sort of feel to it.

Live music bars are dotted around the place with most performing songs favored by an older generation of westerners.

Cambodia is popular with fans of cannabis, as well as harder drugs. There are also the lowest scumbags of all, those that come to target children.

I’m generalizing of course, there are respectable guys who have settled here and done well for themselves.

All in all, you have a mixed bag of foreigners in Cambodia, but there aren’t too many of them that visit for the expensive high-class options in life, and that includes escort/call girls.

I certainly don’t think that there would be any problem finding ladies that would be willing to work for an escort agency, given the higher prices and extra discretion offered, so it can’t be a supply-side problem that is hampering the existence of a Cambodia escort agency.

That means that it can only be a lack of demand. I think that this point of view is further evidenced by the fact that the girls who work in the Cambodia prostitution industry, in hostess bars and so on, tend to get fewer customers per month than similar workers in neighboring countries.

On a positive note, for the guys that do use Phnom Penh hookers, the lack of custom makes the girls take good care of the men that do use their services, and the girlfriend experience that was once common across Thailand is in full operation in Cambodia.

These ladies want to provide you with a good time so that you’ll see them more regularly.

As for the future of the Cambodia prostitution circuit, I’d imagine that it won’t be too long before a dedicated escort agency springs up online. Cambodia might be the second poorest country in South East Asia, but it is a country on the move.

Construction sites are everywhere in Phnom Penh, and the country is attracting an increasing amount of international business investment. As has happened elsewhere in the region, this will bring in the wealthier business-tourists in ever greater numbers, and these are exactly the sort of men that value the discretion that would be offered by a Cambodia escort agency.

Cambodian Dating, Culture & Foreigners

As stated above, Cambodian dating culture is similar to that of traditional Thailand with Theravada Buddhism very influential in both countries, but Cambodian women and their families are even more traditional in their outlook.

The majority, not all, of marriages are ‘arranged marriages’ and the bride is often a virgin until her wedding night. It is very unusual for a girl to live with her intended husband before tying the knot, and marriage will be expected very early on in a relationship – the girls’ parents will be asking her about it as early as the second date!

Siem Reap is a good city to look for a regular girl

You should also understand that the level of poverty in Cambodia is way higher than it is in Thailand, and it is not unusual for the rich westerner to be expected to provide support for the extended family.

Education costs for the son of some distant relative might not be high on your list of necessary expenses, but regular Cambodian girls and their families might have other ideas. Another possible cause of friction is your intended permanent country of residence; your lady will likely be a little less eager to move to your country than you might expect.

If all this isn’t enough to deter you in your quest, consider also that the Cambodian government has actually passed laws to stop you from marrying local ladies.

You’ll need to be under 50 years of age, and you’ll need to prove that you have a huge income by Cambodian standards (somewhere in the region of $2,500 per month or more) before you’ll be allowed to marry!

For these reasons, the serious relationship scene is somewhat less popular amongst western men who date Cambodian women when compared to similar relationships around the region, but that is nothing to do with the ladies themselves.

Most of them would be very happy to get serious with a ‘Barang’ (Cambodian word for foreigner – similar to the Thai word ‘Farang’).

Unfortunately, Cambodia has tended to attract the worst travelers from western society and it has become a favored destination for Pedophiles. I hadn’t realised until recently just how big a problem it had become.

For example, if you are staying in Thailand on a long-term visa then, depending on what sort of visa it is, you may need to exit the country on a fairly frequent basis after which you can immediately re-enter for another 60 or 90 days. This is the famous visa-run that many visitors go through, and it caused me some issues with UK immigration when I returned home.

The mere presence of a Cambodia visa stamp in my passport (a necessary part of the ‘visa run’) raised eyebrows and resulted in me being carted off for a customs search.

Apparently, whilst Thailand has done well to curb the underage sex scene, much of it has been diverted to Cambodia, and UK immigration officers are keeping an eye open for single men traveling there…

Cambodian Girls vs. other Asians

Cambodian girls are regarded as being amongst the sweetest of the sweet in terms of their mannerisms; they are usually raised from an early age to take good care of their man, and most will stop at nothing to make sure you are happy and contented, but that might not be enough to ensure success in the long run.

Unless you are prepared for a life in a very poor country with poor infrastructure, healthcare and schools, where your girl’s parents might well be coming to live with you, and where you are unlikely to be understood in terms of either your language or your values, then you might want to consider some easier alternatives.

  • Thai girls: Long-term romantic success here, especially with university educated urban girls is relatively easier to achieve. The culture gap is not so wide and the girl’s family is unlikely to be quite so needy in terms of financial assistance. The excitement of a completely different and rich new culture is still there, but there is also a modern dynamism that understands your western points of view at least to some extent. There is a good chance that a winning compromise between different Eastern and Western values can be found here.
  • Vietnamese girls: These ladies are similarly minded to Cambodian girls in terms of their attitudes towards sex before marriage, but they are prepared to compromise with a westerner so long as they are convinced that marriage is the ultimate goal of the relationship. Vietnam is poorer than Thailand, but not as poor as Cambodia, and the work-ethic there is very strong. I think that relatively more Vietnamese families would be happy to try and resolve their financial needs by their own efforts before coming to you with their hands held out. The Viet girls are also quite comfortable with the idea of leaving their homeland behind to go off with you to another country.
  • Filipina girls: The Philippines has a similar economic level of development to Vietnam, so it is also behind Thailand and suffers more poverty than Thailand, but less than Cambodia. The selling point for these girls is that they speak excellent English, the culture gap is much narrower due to it being a Christian country and, as with the Vietnamese, Filipina girls are much more likely to want to live outside of their own country than Cambodian girls are.

Living in Cambodia

The overall cost of living in Phnom Penh is surprisingly less of a bargain than you might think given that this is the second poorest country in South East Asia (after Burma/Myanmar). Overall, the cost is only slightly cheaper than it is in Bangkok, with something like a 5% saving. Obviously, that’s averaged over a sample basket of goods and how much you in particular might save is down to what composition of goods you tend to buy – and it might be very different to the sample basket.

Angkor Wat is worth seeing, as is Siem Reap where it is located.

For one thing, the cost of taking Cambodian girls from bars is not included in the representative basket so, if you are planning on enjoying the naughty scene, you’ll be happy to know that those costs are a lot lower than in Bangkok, and somewhat cheaper than even Pattaya!

On top of that, if you are a budding alcoholic then you’ll be delighted to know that a beer can be had for as little as $0.50, with the average price being just $1. Hotels are also very cheap. For other costs, rental accommodation in particular, there is little to no saving. Buying prices for property are cheap though, and much lower than in Bangkok.

Click here for more info on the cost of living in Cambodia.

The good news doesn’t end with cheaper nightlife, alcohol and hotels. The food factor is also an advantage. Whilst not regarded in quite the high esteem that Thai food and Vietnamese food command, Cambodian food is still good and much better than the salty, greasy garbage that passes for food in the Philippines!

Cambodian girls like to cook too, so finding a worthy girlfriend that knows her way around a kitchen is not too much of a problem. If you dislike spicy food you’ll be particularly impressed because the Cambodians use fewer spices in their dishes. French colonization in years past has also left its mark, with fresh bread being readily available and better than anything the Thais can boast about.

Infrastructure, on the other hand, is lousy. Roads are poorly constructed and full of potholes, and some are nothing more than dirt-tracks. If you are approaching your twilight years and are concerned about healthcare then living in Cambodia might not be the best choice, medical skills are way behind neighboring countries. The same can be said for education facilities, so raising a family there might not be a great idea either.

Online options for meeting ladies

The general lack of economic development in Cambodia is not confined to physical infrastructure, health and education standards; the online facilities for meeting Cambodian girls are also relatively lacking. That’s true whether you are looking for a serious long-term relationship or an ultra-short 1 hour appointment.

Escort sites are lacking (see link below for info on the Cambodia prostitution scene), and there are few dedicated dating sites for westerners intending to meet Cambodian girls.

I think that the fewer online opportunities reflects the fact that the country is still a little off most visitors’ radar, but you should also be aware that it is largely to do with the much smaller population in Cambodia compared to neighboring countries i.e. currently just over 15 million compared to 67 million in Thailand (and around 100 million in the Philippines).

Another factor is the lower standard of English language skills, meaning that finding a local interpreter to help out with online communication (the way that many rural Thai girls do) might not be so easily done.

For those amongst you that are undeterred and still intend to find romance with regular Cambodian girls, my advice is to create an online dating profile and be patient. I’d look for girls in Phnom Penh and, if you can find a worthy lady - Siem Reap.

There are far fewer sex workers in Siem Reap so the chances of falling prey to a gold-digger are that bit lower. For similar reasons in a reverse direction, I’d avoid any contact with ladies from Sihanoukville because a large proportion of the girls there will be working in the sex industry.

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