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The Cambodia prostitution scene runs in a similar manner to other countries in the region with a few local differences. The main difference from a westerner’s point of view relates to the prices that are asked by the girls and yes, as you’ll no doubt expect, they are low.

Cambodia is the poorest country in South East Asia after Burma/Myanmar, and that helps to keep prices down.

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As in other poor countries in the region, there are lots of girls who have turned to sex-work as a means of providing for their families. These girls are often very quiet and shy too, as evidenced by the fact they are often shy to discuss prices! The standard fee that is asked in the ‘hostess’ bars for an overnight appointment is usually in the $40 to $50 range, but many in the Cambodia prostitution game will ask for a lot less.

$20 per day is not unusual, especially if you want the girl’s services for an extended period of a week or more. If you do go for a longer appointment, the girlfriend experience is more or less guaranteed.

$20 per day is cheap, but it is more than most girls make from this line of work. On the infamous K-11 strip (so called because it is located 11km outside of the city) local girls service mostly Cambodian men, and short-time services are available for as little as $5.

I highly recommend that you do NOT get involved in any of the things that go on at K-11; it is a place where only the lowest form of Western pond scum go, and usually for something highly illegal.

In terms of what's offered, most Cambodia prostitution services tend to be a little less adventurous than you find in Thailand, and getting oral sex (referred to locally as ‘yum yum’) is no easy thing.

There is one dedicated bar in Phnom Penh that provides this, the ‘Cyrcee Club’ (pronounced sir-zay) is full of ladies that specialize in oral entertainment and the standard package comes with two girls at once for an hour or so.

Vietnamese Hookers & Cambodian Hookers

Do be especially careful with the Vietnamese hookers who work in Cambodia. They have a much sterner attitude than Cambodian hookers, with rumours abound that trafficking is a problem.

I do wonder if these Viet girls are there of their own volition. Working-girl costs in Vietnam are much higher, and finding customers no harder, so why would they choose to be in Cambodia?

Getting around Phnom Penh can be done on foot as all of the main places are fairly close together, but there are a lot of commentators that advise using a motorbike taxi or tuk tuk with the reason being that the streets are not safe at night.

I think that the general safety is much improved in recent years, but you might be a little unnerved walking around at night as the streets are not so well-lit as in other Asian capital cities.

You will see Cambodian hookers loitering around on the streets, as well as a lot more beggars than in other parts of South East Asia. The beggars are less prominent at night, and vice versa for the hookers.

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If you are looking for some company until the next morning, I’d advise against using a girl that is not tied to a bar because there is the ever present risk that a freelance girl will do a disappearing act in the middle of the night with all your valuables… that's assuming that you intend to sleep at some point, if not then no worries :)

If fairer skinned girls are your preference then Vietnamese hookers will appeal. These girls are often regarded as being a bit harder on the outside, but I think that this might just be a reflection of Vietnamese culture where people tend to be less immediately friendly, but more genuine once you get to know them.

However, as mentioned, be aware of the danger of trafficking. If you stray down this path then make sure that the girl is happy and freely choosing her line of work.

Cambodia Escorts & Call Girls

I was quite surprised to find that there is no online escort agency serving Cambodia, I couldn’t even find any Phnom Penh escorts attached to any dedicated professional set up. There may be some postings in classified ads sections on various websites, but that’s about it.

It got me thinking about why that might be, and I have one possible explanation:

I doubt that there would be enough demand from local men to support Cambodia escort establishments, and even in other countries in the region it is not local men that provide custom, it tends to come from western visitors. In Cambodia, I think that the typical western visitor is a different sort of animal.

For starters, there is widespread evidence that the body of western men visiting, or living, in Cambodia is much smaller than in other countries in the region, which means fewer potential customers to service.

Colonial French architecture in the Phnom Penh red light district

More than that though, the Cambodia prostitution scene seems to attract the poorer western visitors to Asia, the guys that really need to live on a shoestring budget. I’m talking about back-packers, as well as the guys that come for the cheapest beer in Asia.

You get the sort of guys here whose immediate reaction to being offered sex in exchange for 4 peanuts and a bar of soap is to spend the next hour haggling the price down to 2 peanuts and no soap… that's hardly the sort of customer that a Cambodian escort service would appeal to.

Tourist Observations

Tourists in Phnom Penh have traditionally tended to be of an older generation than you’ll find on the coast in Sihanoukville, and you don’t get so many backpackers in the capital, which means that the entertainment has a little more of a mature sort of feel to it.

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Live music bars are dotted around the place with most performing songs favoured by an older generation of westerners.

Cambodia is popular with fans of cannabis, as well as harder drugs. There are also the lowest scumbags of all, those that come to target children.

I’m generalizing of course, there are respectable guys who have settled here and done well for themselves.

All in all, you have a mixed bag of foreigners in Cambodia, but there aren’t too many of them that visit for the expensive high-class options in life, and that includes escort/call girls.

I certainly don’t think that there would be any problem finding ladies that would be willing to work for an escort agency, given the higher prices and extra discretion offered, so it can’t be a supply-side problem that is hampering the existence of a Cambodia escort agency.

That means that it can only be a lack of demand. I think that this point of view is further evidenced by the fact that the girls who work in the Cambodia prostitution industry, in hostess bars and so on, tend to get fewer customers per month than similar workers in neighbouring countries.

'Hostess' bars in Phnom Penh are home to many working girls...

Final thoughts on Cambodia Prostitution

On a positive note, for the guys that do use Phnom Penh hookers, the lack of custom makes the girls take good care of the men that do use their services, and the girlfriend experience that was once common across Thailand is in full operation in Cambodia.

These ladies want to provide you with a good time so that you’ll see them more regularly.

As for the future of the Cambodia prostitution circuit, I’d imagine that it won’t be too long before a dedicated escort agency springs up online. Cambodia might be the second poorest country in South East Asia, but it is a country on the move.

Construction sites are everywhere in Phnom Penh, and the country is attracting an increasing amount of international business investment. As has happened elsewhere in the region, this will bring in the wealthier business-tourists in ever greater numbers, and these are exactly the sort of men that value the discretion that would be offered by a Cambodia escort agency.

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