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P Burgos Street in Makati, Manila is basically the red light district of the Philippines’ capital city; the city at night does not have a great reputation for safety, but so long as you stick to the beaten path and don’t go wandering off on an exploration into dimly lit backstreets you shouldn’t run into any trouble. Philippine hospitality is renowned, and as the video below demonstrates, you’ll be well received by most of the local people there.

As mentioned on my main Filipina girls page about bar-girls, the pricing system is a little different depending on where you go in the Philippines, so have a read of that page if you want more details. The working ladies in this part of Asia are known as Guest Relations Officers (GROs), so if you see or hear of these ladies then you should know what is meant by the term.

Two things are immediately obvious when you see P Burgos Street a) most of the bars are of the indoor variety rather than the open air beer bars that you see in Thailand and b) there are a lot more street beggars of all ages…

I had to chuckle when watching the video, I’ve never met ‘Dead Farang’ but it seems that he has the look that Filipina girls go for… he can barely walking 2 yards without being propositioned!

By the way, just in case you were wondering, Makati is a district within the larger Manila metropolis. It is a wealthy district that is popular with expats and visitors, which is why the red light district is located here. I believe that the same situation applies as in Bangkok, whereby local prostitution for local customers occurs in other parts of the city.

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There is a strong local police presence in the area, which adds to the security and safety, but you should be aware that prostitution is illegal in the Philippines. It is not a law that is well enforced with regard to the bars and clubs on P Burgos Street, but the local freelance girls might well be more susceptible to charges relating to soliciting on the streets.

You'll see from the video footage that the local street beggars are quite wary of the police presence, and will make a run for safety to avoid being picked up for loitering/begging. It is a non-stop merry go round though, as soon as the police drive away the locals are back on the street in force... The presence of beggars in Makati is substantial and not immediately explained by the level of poverty in the country.

The Philippines is poor by any standard, but the people seem less industrious than, for example, the Vietnamese. Then again, the Vietnamese are renowned for their industriousness, so they are probably not a fair standard by which to draw comparisons.

P Burgos Street is a fascinating place but it certainly won't suit everyone. For nightlife lovers that prefer a scene where you can meet regular Filipina girls rather than working girls, the city has a lot of options to choose from. The good news, if you happen to be in the Makati area, is that is also home to some of the biggest and best clubs. All in all, it is a place that is well worth a look.

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