Boracay Nightlife Fun & Relaxation

The Boracay nightlife scene is all about the beach, White beach in particular. The fun that you'll find there evokes the feel of a simpler way of life on a paradise island, but with bars, girls, and all the trappings of hedonistic fun.

This is not your typical castaway sort of destination, it enjoys modern facilities combined with a stunning island beach resort... and it draws a crowd.

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Boracay is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines, just off the northern tip of Panay island. It's a small island of just under four square miles, so there's no airport that you can fly into directly. For this reason, getting to Boracay can be a bit of a hassle.

The recommended mode of arrival is via Caticlan airport on Panay island, just a couple of kilometers off the Boracay shore. Most flights are small propeller engine affairs and depart from Manila, arriving in just over an hour. From there you head off to the jetty and take a quick boat trip to Boracay.

I'd advise you to book your flights to Caticlan separately from your international flight, and plan for a few days in Manila so that you can arrange a cheap convenient trip to Boracay. Otherwise, if you plan to fly straight in, you'll either end up with a long wait for a connecting flight or you'll pay a hefty premium for it (and probably still have a long wait).

Once you do arrive and settle in, your hassles are over for the duration of your trip, and I can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy the relaxation on the island...

Boracay NightlifeWhite Beach on Boracay, Philippines.

If the idea of getting around by sail boat appeals to you, you can easily find operators who will show you around for a fee of around 2,500 pesos per person (up to 5 customers on a sail boat, 30 minutes sailing time). It seems to be a very popular option and customers do seem to enjoy the experience, but at nearly fifty US dollars for half an hour with four other customers, it's not an idea that appeals to me!

Boracay Nightlife Tourists

The Boracay nightlife scene is very popular with tourists from all corners of the world, including wealthier parts of Asia, especially North Korea. It is also popular with domestic visitors during public holidays, so locals and foreigners will be inter-mingling at certain times of the year.

The popularity with western tourists has ensured that all the high street fast-food outlets are established here, and that will be important to some guys who can't get the taste for Philippine food (i.e. it's not great, but there are some local dishes that are good - Lechon is good).

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Everyone will be in holiday mood here as the make up of tourists compared to expats is weighted heavily on the tourist side. As good as Boracay is, it is not really big enough for most guys tastes as a place to live long term.

There are a mere 30,000 residents or so altogether, and most are local people. Many of them work either directly or indirectly in the tourism industry, and unlike some parts of Asia e.g. Koh Samui in Thailand, the growth in tourism has not led to any significant tension between residents and visitors.

Boracay Girls and Bars for meeting them

As with any self respecting after hours destination, the Boracay nightlife offers a healthy mix of drinking holes from beer bars, bar/restaurants, discos, live music venues and so on where you can meet Filipina girls or other tourists for some fun.

Most of the action is located right on the beach and for anyone that enjoys a sunset and a drink you'll find lots of luxurious loungers set up along White Beach (western side of the island) just for that.

Speaking of beaches, Boracay has got some real stunners. There are over a dozen of them to choose from and I'd recommend getting on a motorcycle and doing some exploring with a local lady friend during daylight hours. First though, you'll need some pointers about where to meet those ladies...

Best Bars/clubs on Boracay

  • Cocomangas - one of the oldest bars on the island and famous for its 15 shot challenge. This place is also the most notorious venue on the island for freelancers earlier on in the night.
  • Red Pirates Pub - this is one of the best beach bars, with cheap prices and acoustic music. You can book a sailing boat trip here if you must, but I prefer it as a daytime/early evening bar with a few freelancer options.
  • Prisma - the upmarket option. Prisma is located amongst the more exclusive parts of the island and is a very stylish wine/cocktail bar. It is perfect for the more refined gentlemen... and ladies!
  • Epic - definitely one of the more well known clubs and a popular choice from relatively early in the night. If you want to hook up with another tourist (maybe a Filipina tourist) then this would be my preferred venue.
  • Club Galaxy - this is a dance club where you'll hear lots of hip hop tunes and where drink prices are comparatively cheap. The low costs are favored by freelancers, so there are plenty here.
Boracay NightclubsClub Galaxy, regarded by many as the best on Boracay.

Boracay Escorts and Hookers - quick note

With Boracay being a small island there are no dedicated Boracay escort agencies that I'm aware of, and even the big agencies have very few girls on the books who are based in Boracay. There are some companies advertising online who will provide a complete adult holiday experience though, complete with lodgings.

Whilst I have no personal experience of these sorts of all-inclusive services, I am extremely suspicious of the value for money that can be expected from them. My advice is to avoid them because the freelance hookers that you can meet in the bars will be far better value, and they will take good care of you.

If you are fortunate enough for money to be of no concern, I would still avoid the all-inclusive offerings and simply use a service based in Manila and fly in with your escort. That way you'll get to explore the Boracay nightlife and beaches together rather than picking someone from a much reduced line-up of girls, all of whom have seen everything the island has to offer multiple times.

Best Hotels near to the Boracay Nightlife

The range in hotel quality spans a wide spectrum and caters for the wealthy businessman down to the poverty stricken backpacker. Some of the more well regarded options are:

  • Bamboo Beach Resort - for travelers who are on a budget you can't go wrong with this centrally located hotel.
  • Boracay Summer Palace Resort - another centrally located hotel but with a sense of seclusion and serenity. Mid-priced with good facilities.
  • Discovery Shores - if you want the finest luxury on the island, right on White Beach next to the best Boracay nightlife, then this is the hotel for you.

Crime, Safety, and Drugs

Where some parts of the Visayas region struggle with law and order from time to time, with political/terrorist insurgencies in the worst hot spots, Boracay has a long reputation for peaceful tranquility. Violent crimes are very rare, and there is no issue with violent crimes targeting tourists.

There are more likely to be some issues with petty crimes like pick-pocketing, but no more so than anywhere else in the developing world, and even these crimes are relatively rare.

Safety levels are generally high with the only concern being the somewhat manic driving habits of the locals. There are accident and emergency healthcare facilities on the island, and it's a good idea to get medical insurance for this, but being a small island there are no international standard hospitals.

Getting involved with illegal drugs use in the Philippines comes with a potential death sentence, or at least a hefty fine and imprisonment. The Boracay nightlife may harbor a few individuals who will offer you something, but be aware that the person offering might be an undercover policeman - so walk away.

Boracay Restoration

The tourism industry on Boracay started back in the 1970s and over the last 20 years or so the development of the island went into overdrive. Whilst new buildings were going up at a rapid rate, measures to control the environment failed to keep up.

Concerns peaked and reached a climax when President Duterte intervened, describing the island as a cesspool, and ordering a six months closure to clean up, restore and rehabilitate the environment.

Imagine that, the Philippines is a poor country and the Boracay nightlife and tourism industry was raking in a significant amount of money!

There are some concerns that the Boracay nightlife will become something of an exclusive rich man's playground once the clean up is over. Rumors of a multi-million casino development are doing the rounds, but at the time of writing it is impossible to know what will happen. I can say that historically the cost of living on Boracay has not been expensive if you avoid the luxury end of the market.

There are 5 star facilities, but they coexist with really cheap facilities, and I doubt that there will be significant change in future because the island was already a major economic contributor under the old model.

I suspect that fears are overblown and that the Boracay nightlife will soon be back up and running... and better than ever.

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