Boracay girls & enjoying your holiday

By Axel (from Prachuap)

Boracay girls tend to be decent, traditional girls compared to their sisters that work in destinations popular with sex tourists. On my trip there I was expecting anything romantic, I just wanted to visit the island for its beautiful setting, but romance managed to blossom all the same…

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My expectations of the islands were high because of a friend of mine had raved about it for some time. Santiago would go on like this, "Picture a long beach, with perfect white sand and a refreshing breeze, lined with lush coconut palms. The hotels, restaurants, and bars are right there on that beach, it’s paradise!"

As the airplane approached the airport I saw the white beaches and the pristine water. It did look inviting. The airport itself is not actually on the island as it is too small, it’s located about 2km across the water, on a larger stretch of land called Panay Island. After a short van ride to the jetty, I boarded an outrigger boat that ran back and forth between Panay Island and Boracay. At the other end, I got on a tricycle a duly arrived at a resort that Santiago had recommended.

I spotted a lot of tourists along the way, so I had no doubt the bars would be busy...

The white sands of Boracay beach, widely regarded as one of the Philippines' best.

As you may already know, many Filipina girls can sing and dance like nobody's business; their familiarity with English language makes them much better than their average Thai counterpart when it comes to belting out a western tune, and singing is a part of the local culture.

Had I not been so tired I would have stayed on till early in the morning, but the bed at the resort was really comfortable and lured me back early on, I slept like a baby that night.

Regular Boracay girls; meeting Lyn

The following morning I rose up fresh as a daisy and went for a long stroll on White Beach. I bought a cool coconut from a rickety stall on the sand and noticed that the girl behind the counter had a blinding smile and a voluptuous body… a nice sight to start the day! As I wandered off down the beach, sipping the sweet coconut juice, I kept thinking about the coconut girl. She was hot, and she had this warmth about her. I made a 180 and headed straight back to try my luck.

"I'll have another one," I said and smiled. Her name was Lyn and she was single, her English was good as it is with most Boracay girls, and she was really easy-going, so the conversation between us flowed naturally.

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Lyn had a beautiful face and straight, long black hair. Her complexion was golden, her body looked amazing in the yellow shorts and the white t-shirt she wore and her exotic appeal pulled me in like a magnet. She had a positive attitude, great looks and tons of charm. By the time I left the coconut stall, I had arranged a date for the evening and was looking forward to the Boracay nightlife. I wouldn't even have tried that stunt back in the West, but it’s much easier with Boracay girls, just as it is with most South East Asia ladies.

The Bom Bom Bar was packed with tourists that night and there was a groovy reggae band playing. I sat down at the bar and ordered a San Miguel, the most popular beer in the Philippines. There she was, Lyn smiled like a star. She wore a white tank top, light blue mini denim shorts, and white flip flops. She was stunning.

We talked, drank beer and ate for most of the evening, the time flew by. Later that night, Lyn asked me if I wanted to go snorkeling at Puka Shell Beach, the next day – to which I readily accepted. I wanted to impress Lyn, I felt that I would only get one chance so I decided to give her a golden necklace that I had gotten for my sister at a department store in Manila.

"Lyn, this is for you" I said. When she opened the lid she looked really surprised and I could see I’d made an impression alright… I helped her put it on, she looked euphoric when she spoke, "My first gold necklace!"

We spent some time walking on the beach, hand in hand, and I will never forget her sweet smile and the breeze in her long hair, as we walked barefoot in the sand. What a blissful moment. That night Lyn stayed with me at the resort. I hadn't anticipated that I was going to meet any Boracay girls, or that one would spend the night with me, and the experience was all the better for it!

The following morning, I was woken up by the gentle sound of the shower. We ate breakfast in bed, talked and did what came natural. Before we left the room she touched the necklace with two fingers, and said, "This, very special for me."

We rented snorkeling gear from the resort and took a tricycle to Puka Shell Beach. What a peaceful place compared with White Beach; it was far less developed and there was hardly anyone around, a real pristine spot that I can recommend to anyone thinking of finding somewhere relatively remote to spend some alone time with Boracay girls! Lyn was a real sport, she got on her fins and the rest of the gear in no time and off we went snorkeling side by side, like lovers do. The visibility was great and the corals were colorful. There were sea urchins, anemones and all sorts of fish.

At one point, Lyn swam up to me and signaled that I should remove the snorkel. That was my first underwater kiss ever. What a fun girl!

We hung out at the beach for a few hours and had lunch. By the time we left the restaurant I could tell that my back had gotten sunburned – that’s something to be careful of with snorkeling, so consider getting some waterproof sunblock if the idea appeals to you. Afterwards, we went back to my place and… well, you can use your imagination!

I stayed in Boracay for just under a week; when I got back to Manila I had dinner with Santiago. He asked about Boracay girls and, as soon as he learned about Lyn, he grinned "I told you it was paradise!" We had a good laugh that night.

Lyn and I kept in touch and met again a few months later; I didn't tell her I was coming and just showed up at the coconut stall, surprise! She was delighted to see me and it was the start of another tropical romance. If I had to offer any advice about Boracay girls it would be don’t hold back. They might not be as forthcoming as the girls in other places, but they are approachable so man up and get on with it or you’ll miss out on something special.

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