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I think a page about Bangkok ladyboy escorts and specifically, where to find them, is justified at this point. I’ll also give some directions on this page about where to find ladyboy escorts in the other main tourist areas of Thailand. Having already written about most of the other main considerations relating to Thai ladyboys e.g. what they are, what their characteristics are, how to approach them, what to be wary of and so on, it occurs to me that there are many visitors that are just extremely curious about ladyboys and only want to explore that curiosity without getting into any sort of serious, long-term relationship. Finding someone online remains the best idea for this; click here for information about my recommended dating site.

There are many foreign visitors to Thailand that fall into the category of curious first-timers who have not had the opportunity, or the courage, to seek the company of ladyboys in their own country. If this is the case for you, you are probably more inclined to opt for a brief liaison or two and see how you feel about it afterwards. Many men in this situation have sought the services of Bangkok ladyboy escorts to enlighten them and broaden their horizons. Whilst this is unfortunate, it is quite understandable given the disgust and ridicule that transsexuals endure in most other countries of the world.

The purpose of this page is to give you a brief account of the main tourist hotspots in Bangkok where you can meet a ladyboy safely and easily; you could equally be interested in heading off to Pattaya or Phuket to meet a ladyboy as there are also many options in these places. If you prefer to meet someone online for a brief liaison, don't forget that my recommended site is a very good option that will enable you to arrange many dates in Thailand. I generally advise against using any online dedicated ladyboy escort services as the prices quoted are often prohibitively high.

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Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts; top nightspots in the city

Bangkok is a huge modern metropolis but you needn’t be concerned by that as the best tourist focused nightspots are located close to one another. In particular, Bangkok has three main options for nightlife and there are plenty of Bangkok ladyboy escorts working in all of them. There are, of course, many other locations dotted around the city but I think the ones I mention are the main options. They are known as Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. These areas are not exclusively worked by Bangkok ladyboy escorts, they are general nightspots where tourists of all sorts go for a night out, which means you can relax here without any pressure on you at all. You can sit back and take your time to make your move.

Nana Plaza – this is my top recommendation for nightlife in Bangkok; it sits on Soi 4 off Sukhumvit Road and is centrally located between Soi Cowboy and Patpong meaning that choosing a hotel here will position you right in the thick of the action. Nana Plaza, and the soi that it is located on, has a big concentration of bars, gogo bars, restaurants, massage parlours and so on with many employing Bangkok ladyboy escorts. You can get anything form a quiet drink, to a meal, live sports, live music and, of course, all the romantic company that you could want. The plaza itself is housed in a square shaped venue that rises up on each side to 3 floors of beer-bars and gogo-bars. Some of the bars cater for men seeking girls, and some cater for men seeking ladyboys. The plaza has recently been renovated so, if you hear any negative comments about it, don’t worry – this is a good, clean place to have fun! To get here from the airport, just take a taxi and ask for Soi Nana or look up the Nana hotel and print off the address in Thai – you can hand that over to the taxi driver.

Soi Cowboy – this place is also a really good place to have fun and meet lots of potential friends! It is full of neon and it lights up well at night. It is a smaller venue than Nana but it is a quality venue. It is located about a kilometer to the east of Nana plaza down Sukhumvit Road. Any taxi driver in the area will know it well so, if you are staying at a hotel near Nana Plaza, you can hop in a cab and be there in just a few minutes.

Patpong – I’m less familiar with Patpong but it has an infamous history. At one time this was the place to be if you wanted some fun but, these days, I’d say it is the least fun of the three options I’m covering. There is a bad reputation for scams of one sort or another here so you should be on your guard. There are plenty of pick-pockets too so that probably doesn’t appeal much. That said, it is a must see place due to its nostalgic appeal and it does still have plenty of attractions in terms of nightlife. You will find Patpong located about 2-3 kilometers to the southwest of Nana Plaza and again, every taxi driver knows where it is.

Bangkok Ladyboy Escorts; alternative locations

Pattaya – Be under no illusion, Pattaya is ground zero if you like nightlife, this place is non-stop fun. The entire city is like one big party zone and it is a place where you will meet endless numbers of girls and ladyboys that would love nothing more than to make your acquaintance. It takes less than two hours to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, and you’ll find that it is a popular cosmopolitan place. There are lots of places here to meet ladyboys but Walking Street is the main option. You’ll be happy to know that the prices in Pattaya are quite a bit lower than elsewhere in Thailand, and this includes food, drink, hotel, massage and just about everything else!

Phuket – If you are looking for some outstanding scenery and beautiful beaches with powdery white sands then you should consider Phuket. The location on Phuket to head to is the main nightlife centre i.e. Patong. Patong is not on the same scale as Pattaya but there are still plenty of nightlife options here. The centre of activity is Bangla Road and there are lots of small side streets that join onto it that are packed full of bars and so on. The main ladyboy location is called Soi Crocodile (one of the side-streets off Bangla Road). Prices in Phuket are high and ladyboys here will expect to be paid at least as much as Bangkok ladyboy escorts. Getting to Phuket requires an additional flight from Bangkok.

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