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Geoff (from Bangkok)

My first encounter with a Bangkok ladyboy escort was about to commence. I was shopping online for a female escort based in Bangkok for some much needed company. I was in Bangkok for business for a few days and I was completely bored out of my mind, the prospect of some companionship had lured me in.

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I came across a few dating websites online but was discouraged from entering my details to create a profile. The alternative that I chose was Craigslist which, in hindsight, I regret using more than drinking a cobra infused whiskey at the Chatuchack market.

There was a surprisingly small selection of available ladies at my disposal on the site; I guess a lot of them want to remain hidden behind the radar. I could see a lot of them had titles like “Bangkok ladyboy escort” and “sexy fun lady for foreigner”. I searched meticulously and discovered a profile that I felt matched my requirements; it had a picture of a beautiful woman and her description suggested she was down to earth and looking for a good time as well. I sent a quick message, providing my first name and proclaimed my interest in meeting her for the obligatory first date drink. I make myself a coffee and light a cigarette while taking a look outside at the breath-taking scenery of smog and traffic whilst waiting for a response from my new friend.

I hear a beep on my computer, which signifies I’ve got mail, so I swiftly glide over from the balcony and excitedly open the email. I didn’t anticipate just how much she wanted to meet me; I assumed Thai women are shy normally. She replied that she wanted to not just meet me but that she was willing to come to my hotel room first. There was also a fairly suggestive photo attachment of her upper half and – her name was Porn (meaning blessing in Thai). This situation was starting to become problematic however since I got the hotel room for free because of the company and I didn’t want the staff talking about me, endangering my job role (Guru Note – very good move, Thais love to gossip about this sort of thing.) I hastily developed a plan and provided her with my phone number; as soon as she called I gave her specific directions for finding the hotel, and a blind spot outside where I would procure her.

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30 minutes later, she gives me a ring to notify me of her whereabouts, but she is confused about the location. I can see her from the window inside the ground floor bathroom and I whisper to her to come over and climb in. Porn looks clearly dumbfounded but I reiterate that I can’t let the hotel staff know that I have lady in my room. She starts to complain, saying what I can only assume are swear words in Thai as she jumps up into the window and climbs inside. I don’t think this was her first time jumping through a window...

We manage to go undetected to the hotel room, she seems to collapse on the bed and I inform her that I need to use the bathroom and that she should make herself comfortable. 10 minutes later Porn is sitting naked on my bed with her legs crossed firmly, I feel like there is certainly something she is hiding from me. Clearly, I was in the company of a Bangkok ladyboy escort… marvellous… how do I handle this?

She also seemed agitated at the situation; we had some sort of Mexican standoff though, because I was not ready to see her pistol. “I am a Bangkok ladyboy escort” she confirmed. My face felt frozen for a moment while I tried to figure out the best solution for both parties. “I think we have a misunderstanding” I uttered, hoping she will quickly put her clothes back on and leave, but that only seemed to anger her. “I’m not leaving” Porn rapidly exclaimed, accompanied by a childish grunt. I try to maintain a calm disposition though she was beginning to irritate me. I had to remind myself that she could be carrying a weapon in her handbag and I worried she might get violent and try to rob me.

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to have sex with you. I think it is best if you leave” I recommended, with a forced smile to try to simplify the scenario. She rolls her eyes at me and then flops over on the side of the bed that has her handbag. She starts rummaging through it and I begin slowly walking backwards like I had encountered a wild starved tiger. I take a quick look around for a viable weapon I might need to use if things get ugly. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and I simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief. I figured that since intercourse was a definite no, the next thing she will want is money. I check my pockets for my wallet and phone but I am unable to locate them. “You need to be more careful, I could have left” she bragged, waving my stuff in front of me.

Porn became less hostile towards me, knowing that she has the upper hand over me, and I start wondering if this is a typical sort of occurrence for a Bangkok ladyboy escort. “I want to ask you something?” she requested, her eyes slowly focusing towards the ground and not fixated on me. “Can I smoke?” she asked. “Sure” I replied, abiding by her request in fear. Her first puff relaxed her more but this was still remnant of a hostage situation. “I’m sorry, I’m not a bad person, I am just desperate” she emotively conveyed.

Bangkok ladyboy escort; lesson learned

I learned from doing business how to read body language and with that I knew I could easily turn the tables on the situation. I sat down next to Porn, I open my arms as a physical gesture to comfort her. She confides that she has been sad since her mother died and had no-one to talk to. She implied that being alone is normal to her, it is typical for a Bangkok ladyboy escort to be without a long-term boyfriend or husband due to their inability to have children, and she needed someone to understand her. She was a lost soul; in need of some comfort and help to re-evaluate herself, ironically this is what I did for a living. After 20 minutes of intense revelations and realizations, she handed me back my stuff and I didn’t want to call the police. If anything I wish she would have just said in the message and not create this unnecessary drama.

Porn went to my bathroom to freshen up with a newfound confidence reflected in her smile. I felt proud of my ability to contain the situation, and a little humbled that she didn’t attack me as I’d half expected. As Porn is about to leave, I give her 3,000 baht for her time and wish her well. She wais at me for my gratitude and understanding. After a while I reflect on the experience and think that a Bangkok Ladyboy escort is just a person like anyone else, but perhaps with a little extra baggage to deal with – it taught me a lesson and I wish I’d been a little less hasty to assume the worst as soon as I clapped eyes upon her.

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