Bangkok Ladies; a new companion

By Chris (from Bangkok)

His dream about Bangkok ladies evaporated instantly with the trill of Mike’s alarm; stirring him from his light sleep. He grunted slightly as he, fleetingly, wondered whether he should stay snug in his bed or not. Urrggh…, 9.30pm already; that was a quick 40 minutes.

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In reality, there was no debating the decision to be made and soon Mike was up and about. Indeed, just as he had been doing for almost every night for the last four weeks, he quickly found himself heading towards the shower, aiming to make him himself presentable enough to head out and about on the town on the prowl for Bangkok ladies.

Ten minutes later, in a fresh pair of jeans and a new, royal blue tee-shirt, Mike stood before one of the mirrors in his 2-bedroomed, high-floor apartment. As he combed his hair into the position he wanted, he mused: Wonder how long I can keep doing this? Almost every night hitting the town, getting home in the early hours, and then putting in a full day’s work. Almost every night finding another Thai beauty to accompany me home… still, better make the most of it, I guess as, once this assignment ends in 3 months, who knows where I’ll be posted.

Sitting in the back of the taxi speeding him towards one of his frequent, ports of call, Mike reflected on his current predicament: On one hand, he knew he was still seriously upset by the final breakdown of his five year marriage to Anna; someone who’d followed him to Thailand once he’d had the offer of a job in Bangkok; yet, also someone who simply couldn’t adapt to the heat, the new smells, sights and sounds, the frenetic pace and environment of the “City of Angels”.

On the other hand, the euphoria induced by the myriad of nightlife attractions in the city almost overwhelmed him—and he often found himself thinking there was no better place for a 40 year old man to be when he had no long-term partner. Nowhere could compare to Bangkok at night, simply nowhere; nothing could compare to Bangkok ladies either!

Slipping through the doors of one of his favourite bars-cum-live music venues, the cacophony of sound hit Mike with such an intensity that he almost winced: the general hub-bub of so many people talking at once, many almost shouting to make themselves heard above the sound of the live group—the singer currently delivering the final verse of his song with gusto; the associated sounds of bottles being opened, glasses clinking and phones ringing creating a wall of welcoming noise.

Maybe I’ll stay an hour here, thought Mike, glancing at his watch and simultaneously already looking around the large room; concurrently trying to attract the attention of one of the multitude of bar staff. Geezz…, there’s a good crowd in here already tonight, some really beautiful Bangkok ladies. Let’s see how many of them head off towards Dexters about midnight.

Fortunately for Mike, he managed to grab a bar stool as a foreign man in his 50s and his younger Thai companion both stood up to leave and, in a quick movement, wedged himself against a pillar and the edge of the bar, with a bottle of Evian water already in his hand.

He scanned the cavernous room, back and forth, now and then listening to the music, more often than not absorbed in people watching. Observing the other patrons; what they wore, who they were talking to. Seeing the professional hookers, the part-timers, the freelancers and the office ladies out for a good night—whatever that entailed! And, of course, the stunningly beautiful Bangkok Ladyboys. As usual, a group of three or four or five Ladyboys congregated around the main entrance/exit door eyeing up their customer base. Then there were a couple of pimps and a number of older, foreign men with their clearly paid for ladies already in tow and getting stuck into a bottle of whiskey or brandy or whatever it took to appease the Bangkok ladies they were with.

Bangkok Ladies & the rules of the game

Now and then Mike would see a lady or two he knew vaguely, maybe even someone who had been his temporary girlfriend a week or so earlier; occasionally, he’d catch the eye of such a lady and she’d either raise an eyebrow in recognition, perhaps even wink—but more often than not, totally blank him.

Not that Mike was worried as he’d quickly learned the rules of the game. A key one of which being that relationships founded in bars and venues like this were meant to be short term; no strings, no emotional attachment, just accept them for what they were worth on the night in question, and move on.

Mike smiled to himself as he thought about how well knew the game, the rules. In fact, he was almost a veteran. He knew where to sit in a bar or nightclub for the best view, knew the best opening lines, the things to say which pushed a Thai lady’s buttons; he knew how to get Bangkok ladies into bed, and he knew what type of lady to avoid.

Despite seeing a couple of office-type ladies Mike felt might be worth targeting to be his next conquest, ladies who he felt he might be able to persuade to be his unpaid bed companion for the next five or six hours, seeing that it was already just on midnight, he decided to move on a few hundred metres down the road to the infamous basement disco/nightclub, Dexters.

Can’t be too late tonight, Mike thought as he flashed a smile to a particularly attractive lady collecting the entrance fee to the club. Got to make a 10.00am morning meeting looking my best. But, anyway, let’s see what the night holds.


For upwards of 10 minutes, with another bottle of Evian water in hand, Mike stalked Dexters. Seeing some familiar, tired faces and checking out some fresh looking new arrivals. He watched some girls go towards the washroom area, saw others hanging around the long curved bar—always trying to make sure that any one he felt might be worth approaching was not already attached to some other foreigner for the night.

Within 25 minutes he had integrated himself with a small group of six Bangkok ladies, drinking, chatting as if he as an old friend. Clearly just ordinary women out for a good time; probably worked in the same office. Mike knew the difference. Happy to chat to a foreigner, especially one as good looking and as well presented as Mike. No beer belly, no receding hairline, no ill-matching style-less outfit.  

Within another 20 minutes, Mike had narrowed down his choice from within the group to two. Usually he was more focussed but tonight, as much as he liked the lady with the high cheek bones and long black hair, Nui, there was something really special about the taller one with shoulder length hair and a totally disarming smile, Aob. My goodness, she’s so cute, he thought. What a great pair of legs!

Sensing that they were in competition for Mike’s attentions the two ladies played up to him. Touchy feely, touchy feely. Light body contact, exaggerated smiles. Which one, which one? Decision time.

In a flash, as Mike saw that, just for a few fleeting moments, Nui was not paying attention to the conversation, he skilfully cornered Aob: “Shall we go back to mine?”

Too late for Nui who saw Aob lean across to pick up her handbag from the circular table in front of them—and realised she had lost. Her smile instantly turned to a light scowl. “You’ll regret it,” she hissed at Mike.

Mike gave Nui his best practiced smile of false compassion as he gently escorted Aob by the elbow away from the table and towards the club exit. Hmm.., I think I’m going to enjoy this, he thought and, judging by the stirrings in his pelvic area, his cock thought the same too. My, oh, my…, she is something else. What a figure, what an ass! Mike gloated as Aob walked up the stairs towards street level ahead of him. Can’t wait to get her home…

The taxi sped away from the nightclub and Aob snuggled into Mike’s side, her right arm snaking around his waist; her breasts partially spilling out of her tee shirt as she leaned against the man’s torso. Mike’s cock was rigid, erect. Christ, he thought as he swallowed hard a couple of times trying to control his breathing—and his growing orgasmic desires, Don’t…, please don’t… get me over excited in the taxi…

He pulled the lady even closer to him and gently caressed her hair. Aob smiled up at him, her perfect features lit by the intermittent glow of the passing street lights.

“Mike…,” she said, hesitating slightly, her eyes slightly fearful. “You do… er.., you do know I’m a Ladyboy, right? Are you okay with that?”

Mike’s eyes widened, his mouth dropped open. Oh my god, he thought. “Bangkok ladies” never cease to amaze!

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