Bangkok Hookers Turned Bad

By Shane (from Hua Hin)

In anticipation of some fun with Bangkok hookers, Johann (not his real name), had flown over to Bangkok for a few days, and he couldn’t wait to experience the delights ahead of him. He had been to Thailand once before but not to Bangkok. Nonetheless, I knew he was going to have the time of his life.

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Johann and I first met each other during the second year of our National Service in the South African Defense Force. We had both been called up to the Engineering Corps and at the start of our second year we were sent up to the Angolan border together.  On our arrival he was sent straight out on ops while I got placed in an office. After a few months I started working on a plan to get transferred back to South Africa, because if I wasn't going to be out in the bush doing what I had been trained to do then I never wanted to be there at all.

Out of the blue one day, Johann showed up and told me I was being sent across the border into Angola, along with him and another 12 sappers. Johann and I would be sweeping for mines in order to clear the way for the construction machine operators who would then make a sand road for heavy artillery that was soon to be deployed.

Now, I know that all this doesn't have anything to do with Bangkok hookers, but when two guys find themselves laying in the dirt side by side investigating and clearing mines, well, a special kind of bond starts to form and I wanted you to understand our friendship before continuing.

Bangkok Hookers – the fun starts

Some time later I visited Thailand for the first time, and I instantly fell in love with the place. I also very nearly fell in love with a Thai hooker that I’d met; one who I thought was different from the rest. Later I discovered she was actually already married to a Scottish man… Anyway, I think it was on my third or fourth visit to the land of smiles that Johann decided to join me for his first Bangkok visit. He fell in love with the place too, and he really hit it off well with a friend of the girl that I was seeing regularly. However, after I stopped seeing that girl he also ended up drifting away from her friend.

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The two of us would just go to one of the many GoGo bars in Bangkok, and if we were in the mood we would pick up a bar girl each. It was around this time that he met a girl called Gow, one of the Bangkok hookers working in one of our regular bars. They started seeing each other all the time, and sometimes I would take one of her friends from the bar back to my hotel.

I remember the four of us all ending up in my room the one night. We were drinking and playing cards together; I still have no idea how it happened but we ended up playing strip poker – which is something I would usually NEVER even dream of doing. Anyway, one thing led to another and by the early hours of the morning the game had all but ended and we had found ourselves in a very sexually charged atmosphere. Let’s just say that after having consumed so much alcohol both the girls had morphed into REAL Bangkok hookers, keen to try and show us just how skilled they were with certain acts. It wasn't long before the lights were dimmed further and the four of us were on the bed together. Just for clarity here; there was no swapping of partners, only same room sex mixed with a lot of fun and laughter etc.

The next day I remember commenting to Johann that I had noticed he had not been using a condom the night before - a risk I'd never take with any Bangkok hookers. He shrugged it off saying that he knew it was a foolish thing to do but that sometimes you need to take chances in life. He also told me that he hadn’t been using condoms with Gow because the girls in the bars get screened for diseases all the time and she told him she had been tested shortly before the two of them went with each other for the first time.

The two of us had so many great times together. Then a few months later when we were checking out of the hotel where we had been staying I noticed a bit of a commotion at the reception desk between Johann and the receptionist. I later found out that it was due to the bed sheets in his room having blood stains on them. The two of them had had sex that night even though she was having her period. Of course I never let him forget that one, although he always maintained that he never knew she was having her period.

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Johann returned to Thailand several more times after that and he and Gow would explore different parts of the country together. Judging from his reports, the two of them were humping each other like rabbits. He and I were closer than brothers so, while I was happy for him, I was also really concerned about the fact that he wasn't using condoms. I think he'd gotten it into his head that being with only one girl instead of lots of different Bangkok hookers was somehow less risky. It also surfaced that she had a Thai boyfriend who knew she was working in the bars, but he was okay with that because it brought in money. I met him once and it was immediately clear that he was hooked on YaBa, a cheap methamphetamine drug which is widely abused in Thailand. Still, Johann never seemed to be too perturbed, which was really totally out of character for him.

I don't know exactly on which of the many later trips to Thailand it was, but we arrived here together one day and Gow was not at the airport to meet him. At first he was angry but his anger soon became a mixture of anger and concern. Had he started developing genuine feelings for her? I found it hard to believe. Not all Bangkok hookers are the same, but Gow was not new to the scene. She had been on the game for years; it was simply a way of life for her, just as it is for so many of the hookers working in Bangkok’s red light districts.

Anyway, that night we headed off to the bar where she usually worked. We had got to know several of the girls there, as well as the manager and the mamasan. Because we were sort of connected, none of the bar-girls there were allowed to ask us for drinks, which was kind of nice. As was the norm, several different shows took place as we waited for Gow to appear. Johann and I had seen the shows so many times that we were no longer really interested. Instead the bar had simply become a local pub for us.

After a few hours Johann started asking where Gow was, but “obviously” nobody knew. Well, Johann and I both knew that everyone would have known but they weren't about to reveal the truth. Eventually Johann just accepted the fact that Gow was more than likely away with some other customer.

We returned to the bar the following night but again she wasn't there. This time he was approached by several Bangkok hookers, but he declined them all until honing in on a real looker. This girl was seriously hot, and before we knew it he had paid to take her from the bar. They had a great time together during the remainder of our trip, and apparently Gow was never mentioned during any conversations.

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Bangkok hookers - the fun ends

Johann left for the UK about one week before me due to his work schedule. I saw him off at the airport and then I made my way back to the bar that evening. One of the girls there who I had often seen dancing really had an impact on me that night. Maybe it was the Jack Daniels I had been drinking; maybe it was the fact that I was all on my own, or maybe it was because I had been a good boy for too long, but I really knew that I wanted to spend the night with her. As I had already come to expect, once she sat down next to me she soon started making absolutely certain that I wouldn't want to change my mind either.

At around three in the morning we got a taxi back to my hotel room and... well you can use your imagination. All I will say is that Bangkok hookers are bad news for the makers of Viagra. You seriously don't need any pills when you have one of them with you. After a few hours of steamy fun we both fell asleep, only to have a repeat in the morning when we surfaced. Later, after some more fun in the shower she broke the news to me.

"You tell your friend Gow dead, she die HIV," she said. At first it never sank in, or perhaps I never wanted it to. Gow was dead from HIV, and Johann, someone who was closer to me than my own brothers had been having unprotected sex with her for ages, including once when she was having her period.
It would be another two weeks before I would get the opportunity to tell Johann the news in person, and to be truthful, I wasn’t quite sure how I should go about it. When I did see him I just told him that I heard some really bad news just before I left Thailand and that it involved him as well. Then I told him that Gow was dead, and that she had died from HIV.

At first the news didn’t seem to sink in completely, but then after a few minutes Johann just looked at me and said, “Well, I guess I’m fucked then, we were shagging each other every day and I wasn’t using condoms. You know yourself that I even ended up shagging her when she was bleeding.”

Soon his feelings of despair turned into feelings of anger and hatred.  He could not believe how anyone, even Bangkok hookers, would deliberately risk infecting other people. “How many guys are going to die because of her? It was probably her boyfriend who infected her rather than some horny tourist,” he said. Later that day I managed to convince him to go with me so we could both get tested. I wasn’t at all concerned about myself, but to be perfectly honest, I was certain his results would come back positive but I never mentioned this to him.

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When we go our results back, a VERY dark cloud suddenly lifted. He had tested negative, and he had also learned a lesson he would never ever forget. Johann later went on to marry a bar-girl from Koh Samui and the two of them had two beautiful daughters together. His two girls are friends with my daughters. To a certain extent, our friendship has continued into the next generation.

How can it be that Johann never got infected? Was he just incredibly lucky, or is HIV not quite as infectious as what we have been led to believe? I have no idea, and I have no intention of taking any chances either.

If you have read this story because you are hoping to visit Bangkok at some point and enjoy some action with Bangkok hookers, please keep in mind that you could find yourself in the same boat that Johann was in. Things have changed considerably over the years, and most Bangkok hookers will insist on you wearing a condom, but you will always get those who don’t really care, and even if they get infected, they will continue sleeping with customers rather than having to lose money. Take care guys.

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