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Bali girls tend to adhere to the Hindu faith rather than the dominant faith in the rest of Indonesia i.e. Islam. That doesn’t change everything with respect to dating them, there are still lots of cultural aspects that remain the same, but it does change some things.

One difference is that finding romance with a Hindu girl will likely be a little easier to do because they tend to be more open to the idea of dating a western man.

Many a western man has fallen for the charms of the ladies they meet in Indonesia, they are amongst the sweetest and sexiest that you will find anywhere.

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Additionally, there’s no automatic requirement to adopt her religion or her customs and, if you were to marry her, there’s no dowry that needs to be paid to her parents!

The local girls on the country's main party island have lost none of their traditional charm either; they remain ultra-sweet and feminine and quite receptive to western men with sex on their minds. Bali girls have got a reputation for being working-girls but it is a bit unfair, especially compared to Thai bar girls.

There are plenty of girls that do work as prostitutes, and they tend to be Indonesian too, rather than being the usual imports from Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, but the majority of girls are just regular women.

That’s not to say that Bali girls won’t be delighted to accept some financial assistance from you the morning after a romantic get-together!

There are some upmarket bars on Bali.

The shame that westerners might feel for taking a hand-out in these circumstances is purely a western thing and it doesn’t apply to any Asian country that I’m aware of. Any girl that comes from a poor background will gratefully accept financial assistance from a man that she’ll likely assume is far wealthier than herself, but that doesn’t automatically make her a prostitute.

I’ve written on my main page about Indonesian women that this part of Southeast Asia is more of a mystery to most western men, but that might not be the case for Australian men. Bali in particular is a very popular holiday destination for Australians and not just for men, there are lots of Australian girls partying in the bars and clubs too.

Bali Nightlife & Sex

A big part of the one-night-stand scene occurs between westerners rather than between western men and local Bali girls, so there are a few options here that you don’t often find in other nightlife focused areas of Asia.

One thing to note about the nightlife in Bali is that it doesn’t get going until late on. If you go out drinking at 8pm you won’t see too many other people around as it doesn’t really get busy until after midnight.

Kuta is the busiest area for bars and clubs, as well as P4P options with freelance working-girls. All night moon-parties on the beach are also quite frequent events and the area in general appeals to the younger visitors and backpackers looking for the cheapest prices.

Watching the sunset with a few drinks...

Bali does have other options for a bit more refinery and, if you prefer that sort of thing, Seminyak is the place to be. Actually, there are many different and noteworthy locations on Bali that offer very different sorts of experiences. But, for nightlife and girls, the best options are:

  • Kuta beach – the biggest and liveliest nightlife orientated part of the island. You’ll meet Bali girls here who are happy to entertain you in the way that horny young girls like to entertain!
  • Seminyak – my personal favourite due to its more refined bar scene. Seminyak is not far from Kuta, so pitching your tent here allows you to enjoy the madness of Kuta when you get an itch.
  • Legian Beach – another good choice largely due to its location i.e. right in between Kuta and Seminyak, making all parts of the best nightlife in Bali readily accessible.

Bali Girls and the P4P Scene

Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, just as it is with most Southeast Asian countries, and it is largely ignored, just as it is with most Southeast Asian countries.

You’ll notice that massage shops are popular and dotted around the island but, unlike Pattaya and similar Thailand tourist hot-spots, the majority of Bali massage girls will not offer the extra services that Thai girls are famous for.

‘Bule’, as Caucasian men are referred to in Indonesia, get a lot of female attention. They are considered exotic and adventurous, and the girls love that on:

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That’s not to say that such things don’t exist, they do, but you’ll probably need a taxi driver to take you to one of the backstreet happy-ending parlours.

The cheapest P4P option is to focus on freelance working-girls. Any local lady in a tourist venue that is dressed up is going to be very approachable, so I’d go for that option first if you are on a budget. You’ll have to do some haggling over price though, otherwise you’ll end up over-paying (whilst I’m on that subject, get used to haggling over prices for most things, it’s the Bali way).

If you take up with a freelance working-girl, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking too much or you might risk waking up the next day with all your valuables missing.

I’d recommend that you stick to short-term relationships if it’s a freelance Bali girl that you are entertaining i.e. avoid letting her sleepover so as to protect your belongings.

Bali isn't all about mega-clubs and youngsters, there's refinery too!

The online scene is a better romantic option than the P4P scene in Bali; if it’s hookers that you want then I’d advise heading somewhere else for your holidays e.g. Thailand, Philippines or Cambodia. The online girls in Bali are sweet, and most are keen to meet up with western men.

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It’s not just about Bali girls...

There is a fairly well developed scene for foreign ladies to meet up with Balinese men for some naughty fun, but for the ladies reading this please be aware that the same dangers apply that gentlemen face when getting a little too attached to their Asian bar-girl partners i.e. it’s fantasy land and romantic attachment will likely lead to heartbreak, humiliation and financial ruin.

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That said, I see no reason why foreign ladies shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy their dalliances with Balinese men so long as they can keep their bullshit antennae intact.

Requests for funds will surely follow at some point if a relationship is allowed to go too far, so keep that in mind.

On my main page about Indonesian women I did state that living costs in Bali are very cheap; that’s true but I was literally referring to ‘living’ costs.

The nightlife and tourist stuff is, unfortunately, not so cheap.

The usual problem with alcohol prices is ever present in a Muslim country (even though Bali is predominantly Hindu), but they are particularly high in the tourist parts of the island.

While it is possible to find places where you can drink local ‘Bintang’ beer for well below $2, the prices for imported beers in the mega-clubs and trendy bars are much higher, with cocktails at $10 or more, and it is inside these venues that you are more likely to meet Bali girls for romantic P4P adventures… so keep an eye on costs.

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