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For discreet commercial sex options, Bali escorts are available but you should be aware of one thing right away – the prices that these girls ask for their services are very high and you can see estimates of the lowest prices listed in the table below.

You’ll see that they are not cheap when compared to Thailand but you should note also that there is huge variance from one escort to another.

Many a western man has fallen for the charms of the ladies they meet in Indonesia, they are amongst the sweetest and sexiest that you will find anywhere.

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I’ve seen prices quoted at US$1,200 for a 24-hour sex companion, and it was by no means a one-off. Also, some of the ladies whose pictures I saw at the lower end of the price spectrum were, with the greatest of respect, not the most physically attractive ladies that I’ve seen working in the oldest of professions!

I’ve mentioned previously that Bali sex tourism might not be the best option in Asia for the budget traveller, and this is certainly true of the Bali escort service options that I’ve seen advertised.

I suspect that some of these ladies have been spending a little too much time online reading about those one-in-a-million P4P escapades whereby a virgin has advertised her virtue for sale and some guy with money to burn has made a ridiculous offer.

Young revellers partying in Bali

I seriously doubt that Bali escort girls get any customers at all when they quote these insane amounts, and only after a prolonged period of getting nowhere do they start to lower their asking prices.

Bali Sex Alternatives

When it comes to bar girls the news is even worse – there are none! Not in the sense that there are bar girls in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines, with ladies directly employed by the bars.

The only value for money P4P option in Bali, and other Indonesian destinations, comes in the form of Freelance girls. In Jakarta there are no shortage of girls that will approach western men and offer them their telephone numbers, and many of these girls are not even working-girls.

‘Bule’, as Caucasian men are referred to in Indonesia, get a lot of female attention. They are considered exotic and adventurous, and the girls love that on:

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Western men are hotly sought out by regular Indonesian women, and any man that has kept reasonably good care of his body will not be short of romantic offers from the local ladies.

You’ll even find some ladies stuffing their telephone numbers in your pocket when you are out with another lady – that’s not something a Thai lady would ever do but it’s not unusual in Indonesia.

I make these points because Bali call girls here are so expensive and so unnecessary in most circumstances. If money is of no concern, and you absolutely must have the utmost discretion, then there is some sense in utilizing the services of an escort, but other than that I don’t see the point.

Bali escorts

As you will no doubt have noticed, the Bali escorts are the cheapest of all the Indonesian escort prices estimated in the table below. Even Bandung escorts have asking prices that are sky high, and Bandung is located in Java, the poorest region of Indonesia.

Final thoughts about Bali Escorts

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Bali is a fun place to be but it is best enjoyed by the younger 20-30 age group that travel in groups. There are a lot of P4P options, just as there are in most party zones in Southeast Asia, but the island has a backpacker feel to it.

All of the usual services are available if you do choose to spend your hard-earned cash on Bali call girls, and all the usual risks are present if you opt for the cheaper freelance working girls (i.e. getting robbed by someone who can disappear without trace).

Older travellers might use Bali escorts and other P4P options, but I think that this is more of a place to dance the night away and try to score with other travellers rather than go mongering for local prostitutes.

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