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Oct 27, 2017

Jakarta Nightlife; best spots around town

The Jakarta nightlife scene is one of the most underrated in Southeast Asia, and it is offers lots of fun for western travellers...

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Aug 27, 2017

Thai ladies; falling in love with their ways

Thai ladies can be the most relaxed, easy going, people and it is a lovely feature of their personalities... and very different to western women!

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Jun 03, 2017

Thai Dating Tactics & Strategy

Thai dating sites do offer a good opportunity to meet lovely Thai ladies but you need to be very careful. There are lots of cunning tricksters online!

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Jun 02, 2017

Malaysian Women & Western Men

Malaysian women will interest those western men who are looking for a new lady and a new way of life in South East Asia. There are good points and bad...

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Jun 01, 2017

Phuket Girls and Life on the Island

Phuket girls are a lot of fun and they are very easy to get to know. The nightlife on the island is home to many ladies that are waiting to meet you...

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May 26, 2017

Cambodian Girls, Sex & Foreigners

Cambodian girls are known for being very sweet, but the challenges to long-term romantic success are formidable. Happily, there is a way…

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May 23, 2017

Vietnamese Girls & Western Men

There are good reasons why Vietnamese girls should be on the list of potential girlfriends for westerners, especially traditional old fashioned men…

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May 19, 2017

Pattaya Girls; the Girlfriend Experience

Pattaya girls are well known for the 'girlfriend experience' that they will give you. Their working-girl sisters elsewhere in Thailand have different pros and cons.

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May 13, 2017

Thai Girls & Western Men

Thai girls can be the stuff of dreams if you are tired of living in the west with all its political correctness, but you’ll need some pointers first...

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May 03, 2017

Khao San Road Nightlife, Drugs & Girls

The Khao San Road nightlife scene has long been popular with tourists from all over the world. It is probably the most cosmopolitan area of Bangkok.

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May 01, 2017

Pattaya Soapy Massage; two hours in paradise

A Pattaya soapy massage fan gives his account and his thoughts on the whole experience…

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Apr 28, 2017

Filipina Girls vs. Thais

Satisfying lustful desires with Filipina girls is definitely an option but, compared to Thais, their real romantic advantage is more long-term...

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Apr 09, 2017

Bangkok Lesbian Shows & Scene

For those who are interested in Bangkok lesbian shows and the whole girl-on-girl scene there, here are some examples form my own experience...

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Apr 04, 2017

Bangkok Strippers; a True Story

I've known many Bangkok strippers and their stories over many years; click here for my thoughts and advice about them...

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Mar 26, 2017

Soi Cowboy Girls & a birthday in Bangkok

Soi Cowboy girls, in Bangkok, are generally a trustworthy lot if you meet them in their place of work, but this old rule doesn't always hold...

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