Ao Nang Nightlife & Massage

I was quite impressed by the variety of Ao Nang nightlife venues right from my first trip to Krabi. I have to say that I wasn’t really expecting much from the place and hadn’t done any research prior to arriving for that first trip, but on arrival you can’t help but feel pleased that you are there. The first thing that hits you is the beach and, whilst I’ll be talking about the nightlife in this report, it doesn’t hurt to mention that the beach setting is absolutely beautiful.

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Most of the really beautiful places in Thailand are places that you visit on a day-trip whilst staying at a nearby resort, but Ao Nang is a fully serviced decent sized resort right in the middle of some drop-dead gorgeous scenery. Think of the limestone rock formation in the James Bond movie ‘The man with the golden gun’ and then imagine that formation repeated lots of times across a large bay with pristine white sands – that’s what you get in this place. But enough of that, let’s get on with the Ao Nang nightlife attractions.

The beach at Ao Nang

Bars & Restaurants - Center Point

The focal point of the nightlife activities is aptly named ‘Center Point’. It is a fairly recent development at the heart of the resort town and features a multi-level development of various attractions. If you have been to Pattaya then you could think of Center Point as being a smaller version of ‘The Avenue’ but with more of a focus on bars rather than shopping stores – it has the same all-in-one style of development.

There are even some gogo-bars to be found at Center Point, but it doesn’t feel like a naughty boy venue for some reason… possibly because the Ao Nang nightlife has a more traditional, seedier offering that fits the bill better (see below for details). Center Point is a good place, but it feels crisp and new… I guess I like my naughty bars to be worn-out, run-down, and grotty :)

Center Point

There are, of course, plenty of other bars and restaurants dotted all around the town. There’s a nice bar right on the beach and with the beach facing southwest, you can start your night there with a sunset to drool over.

There’s also an Irish bar that I liked, but I can’t remember the name of it. I remember drinking Guinness there and that it had an upstairs with a pool table. The Thai lady-friend that I was with got a bit star-struck when a minor B-list Thai celebrity walked in…

Ao Nang Escorts, Freelancers & Bar Girls

Ao Nang escorts can be found online if you put some research into it, but they are not as easily found as in other parts of Thailand. A better online option might be to search for a girl on a dating site i.e. one that is happy to be your ‘friend’ if you ‘take care’ of her.

Freelance hookers do hang around from time to time, but they tend not to be the most attractive or trustworthy companions, so I’d stick to bar girls if you are looking for a commercial pick-up. The bar girls are focused in the two main areas i.e. Centre Point (see above) and Soi RCA Entertainment (see below).

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Ao Nang Red Light District – Soi RCA Entertainment

If there is anywhere that can be coined as the Ao Nang red light district then it would be a small side street called Soi RCA Entertainment. As mentioned above this is not the only place where you will be able to meet up with working-girls but it is definitely more akin to the sort of nightspots that you see in seedier Thai resorts.

It is quite a small venue, and if you aren’t looking for it you could easily spend your entire visit unaware of its existence. That may well be a selling point for you, or it may not, but most of the other Ao Nang nightlife tourists take a somewhat dimmer view of the P4P industry, so it helps that this place is discreetly tucked away. If you want to avoid it, no problem… if you want to find it, no one else need know.

Soi RCA Entertainment

There are only a dozen or so bars here, so your options are limited. Lady-drink prices are also quite steep, especially if you are used to Pattaya prices, but the girls are fun to be around.

Most Krabi bar girls will happily spend your entire holiday with you on the long-time girlfriend experience if that’s your thing, but it’s more common for liaisons to be of the short-time variety.

You won’t see quite so many old men walking around town hand in hand with a much younger Thai girlfriend… so that’s a shame!

Ao Nang Massage

If you want to find a happy ending massage in Ao Nang you are reasonably well catered for, but as with escort girls, they are not as easy to find as in other tourist spots. I didn’t go for a happy ending massage in Ao Nang, massage in general is not really my thing, but I’m reliably informed that there are places nearby in Krabi town where these things can be found.

Traditional legitimate massage services are to be found everywhere, and if I was interested in it then I think my first option would be to try out one of the options right on the beach during the day. As usual there are also massage parlours dotted around the streets, so wherever you are you won’t need to stray too far to run into one.

Crime & Safety Stats

You are unlikely to have any real safety concerns in Krabi but there are some concerns around crime related to theft. Concerns over corruption and bribery are also high, but I should point out that these stats are based on a very small sample size, and that the statistical reliability of such things is dubious. Personally I’m unaware of any particular problems in this part of Thailand, so the usual advice to keep your possessions safe and your behaviour consistent with Thai culture (i.e. keep calm and relaxed) should be enough to ensure a peaceful time here.

Ao Nang Nightlife Conclusion

For guys that want some beautiful scenery and a relatively relaxed atmosphere, the Ao Nang nightlife has a lot to offer. There are plenty of places to discover if you just want a quiet meal and a few drinks, or to watch a football game and so on. There are also some places to head off to if, during your quiet drink, you spot a local lovely that stirs your nether regions…

Whilst this is not a traditional naughty-boy destination, there are facilities available for P4P aficionados, but the Ao Nang nightlife scene is primarily suited to regular visitors. It is a good place to take a girl if you are seriously involved with her, but it is not recommended to get serious with a Thai girl that you meet there. That doesn’t mean that short-term fun should be avoided altogether, just that it is risky to get serious with any Thai girl that you meet in a tourist hotspot. If you are looking for a girlfriend, my advice is to look either in Bangkok or online.

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