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The first time I was told about the Angeles City nightlife and its attractions I thought that the guy I was talking with had lost his mind… that was until I realised that he was talking about a place in the Philippines and not the more famous Los Angeles in the states! If the USA had anything to compare with what you find on Fields Avenue or Walking Street in Angeles City then I can guarantee that I would have heard about it!

The place itself is actually quite small and, if you don’t care much for drinking and Filipina girls, then you really don’t have any reason to visit. The Angeles City nightlife is a place for adult entertainment plain and simple. There’s no beach and not much to do during the day other than sleep late, have some lunch, and wait for the after-dark fun to begin.

You hear a lot of places referred to as being a bit like Pattaya, but in this case there is a strong resemblance, there’s even a mock Walking Street and several bars/clubs with names that will sound very familiar to anyone that knows Pattaya well. The video above makes that point.

The western visitors that make their way to Angeles City and Fields Avenue tend to be older, single gentlemen. You don’t see half as many groups of younger revellers enjoying the Angeles City nightlife as you do in Thailand’s popular tourist hotspots and I’d imagine that it’s because there is less awareness of the place generally.

Word certainly doesn’t seem to have reached western women about this place, so whether you love or hate the scowls you get from them when seen in the company of sexy younger Asian girl, that’s one thing that’s missing.

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Angeles City Nightlife; Fields Avenue & Walking Street

The level of development is clearly behind Thailand in terms of infrastructure; there is lots of vacant land and plenty of areas with poor street lighting, so be aware of the extra potential for muggings in these places. I think that you’ll be fine on Fields Avenue and Walking Street though, unless you are the last man drinking before heading off home – otherwise there’s lots of other people around who will deter all but the most determined criminals.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that there are a lot of freelance girls loitering around the streets looking for customers, much more than you see in Thailand. If you want to know more about how the bar-girl scene works in the Philippines then have a look at my page about Filipina bar girls.

The Angeles City nightlife is a lot of fun and I’ve only ever heard good reports coming from there. As an alternative to Pattaya it is definitely the best thing that you will see outside of Thailand, but it is still a lot smaller in scale and, like I said, there's little else on offer except bars and companions…

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