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The Angeles City girls and sex scene is in many ways similar to Thailand's Pattaya, and a lot of guys come here in search of an alternative naughty boy destination because, for one reason or another, they want greener pastures.

The city certainly qualifies as a major alternative in this sense because the Angeles City red light district is the largest in the Philippines.

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The place itself is actually quite small and, if you don’t care much for drinking and Filipina girls, then you really don’t have any reason to visit.

The Angeles City nightlife is a place for adult entertainment plain and simple. There’s no beach and not much to do during the day other than sleep late, have some lunch, and wait for the after-dark fun to begin.

You hear a lot of places referred to as being a bit like Pattaya, but in this case there is a strong resemblance, there’s even a mock Walking Street and several bars/clubs with names that will sound very familiar to anyone that knows Pattaya well.

The video below explains a lot of important details that you'll want to know about before making your first trip here.

The western visitors that make their way to Angeles City and Fields Avenue tend to be older, single gentlemen. You don’t see half as many groups of younger revelers enjoying the Angeles City nightlife as you do in Thailand’s popular tourist hot-spots and I’d imagine that it’s because there is less awareness of the place generally.

Word certainly doesn’t seem to have reached western women about this place, so whether you love or hate the scowls you get from them when seen in the company of sexy younger Asian girl, that’s one thing that’s generally missing.

Fields Avenue & Walking Street

The level of development is clearly behind Thailand in terms of infrastructure; there is lots of vacant land and plenty of areas with poor street lighting, so be aware of the extra potential for muggings in these places.

I think that you’ll be fine on Fields Avenue and Walking Street though, unless you are the last man drinking before heading off home – otherwise there’s lots of other people around who will deter all but the most determined criminals.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that there are a lot of freelance girls loitering around the streets looking for customers, much more than you see in Thailand.

The Angeles City nightlife is a lot of fun and I’ve only ever heard good reports coming from there. As an alternative to Pattaya it is arguably the best thing that you will see outside of Thailand, but it is still a lot smaller in scale and, like I said, there's little else on offer except bars and companions.

Angeles City Girls & Marriage!

By Paul (from the USA)

The Angeles City girls, and the nightlife scene in the Philippines’ naughty capital, were introduced to me in my early 20’s when I found myself stationed at the US Clark airbase. I had been stationed in other countries, but nowhere was quite the same as this place.

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The city is known as the entertainment capital of Central Luzon and is roughly 74 kilometers away from Manila, from here there are many forms of transport you can take, you can hop on a local air conditioned bus, or for the price they charge, it is even possible just to take a cab directly from Ninoy International Airport (NAIA) to Angeles City.

Over time I also came to realise how many foreigners visit specifically to spend time with Angeles City girls, with many of these foreigners flying direct into Clark International Airport from neighboring countries.

Thinking back, it was probably the heavy influence of US troops which kick-started the widespread prostitution in the area and gave the Angeles City girls the reputation for solicitation that they have today. With an excess of money in our pockets, there was certainly plenty of attention from the girls, and bars seemed to spring up everywhere to cater for this demand.

Even to this day, it is a popular tourist spot, and there is a host of clubs that have many Angeles City girls working as dancers or hosts with whom it is easy to have a good time.

I was had been stationed at Clark for over two years and it quite quickly became a home from home, I was assigned to work in administration so never had any field trips or training missions, I just had a boring desk job. On the weekends we got together and ventured downtown for a bit of R&R, and some of my friends, as was common, took full advantage of the hospitality that the Angeles City girls were keen to share.

Angeles City girlsSome girls working the streets of Angeles City.

The nightlife of Angeles City is not overly different to any other sex destination you can find around Asia, but it is home to one of the biggest red light districts you can find there.

When the airbase was fully occupied, the streets could be found full of GI Joes, but now the numbers have diminished they have been replaced by Americans, Australians, Europeans and Koreans who frequent the area for quick, casual fun.

When I was first stationed in Clark the nearby nightlife temptations seemed like a bit of a novelty, but after a while it just became the same old story, I had been the self-appointed tour guide to all the new troops who came, I showed them the Angeles City girls and showed them all the best clubs to visit.

Over the two years I was based there I had seen most things that could be seen, and after a while the novelty of the girls had worn off a little, I was just determined to focus more on my career until I was either due to return home, or be shipped off and stationed somewhere else.

Conservative Angeles City Girls

One afternoon I was informed that I was required to attend a meeting the following evening, in one of the hotels in downtown Clark with one of my superiors. I was requested to dress in full uniform so as to set a good impression.

It was something new and made a refreshing change from just pen pushing for most of the day; later that day we arrived at the Park Inn (by Radisson) and entered into the lobby.

I was expecting it to be relaxed and quiet, but it was full of young girls, the first thing that hit me was that they were just normal Angeles City girls that had been invited by someone with a bit of money, but they looked and acted differently. I found out that they were just attending a social night from University, which was being held in the ballroom.

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I was milling around the lobby reading a magazine when a young Filipina lady came out from the ballroom and sat on one of the seats in my vicinity, I glanced from over the top of my magazine as she started to fan herself with one of the hotel flyers which was on the table.

I am not sure if she noticed me looking at her, or it was just that I was in full uniform, but she glanced over in my direction. At that moment a few of her friends came and joined her, but a few times I found myself glancing in her direction, and she was looking back at me.

It felt strange, the girls from Angeles City have grown up with a reputation, and the US troops have also got their own reputation to the locals, but there we were making casual glances at each other.

After a while her friends left and re-entered the ballroom, but she had remained in her seat. I sensed she was different and decided to break the ice, so I went over to her and introduced myself “Hi, my name is Paul,”

“Hello Sir Paul, my name is Salma” she replied.

So, that was our first introduction and from then we continued to chat more, Salma told me she was attending the Holy Angel University and it was their social evening before the summer holidays. Salma told me she was in her final two years at University and she was hoping to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree at the end of it.

She told me her parents wished for nothing more for her than to have a fighting chance in life and be able to resist the life that the normal girls fall into. I agreed with her parent's thoughts, there are many Angeles City girls who have children, many of which they have no idea of whom the father is, it is a sad way to be, but it is a way of life and one that is so difficult to avoid.

I had just turned 23 when I first met Salma and we soon became girlfriend and boyfriend. At first her parents were hesitant of our relationship, I was in the US Airforce and Salma came from a conservative family, they thought I might shift her focus away from her education and just be swept off her feet by me.

It was after Salma had returned to University that she told me her parents were struggling to find the money for her education, I said to her I would fund the University for her until she finally graduated, but not to let her parents know as this would totally upset them.

Walking Street Angeles CityWalking Street, Angeles City, Monsoon gogo bar.

As time went on, Salma and I grew closer and closer; even her parents started to warm to me and realized I was not treating her as the other Angeles City girls get treated. She was different, and there must be many more like her around the region, they are just overshadowed by the naughty girls that everyone knows.

With my posting at Clark due to expire I had to start thinking of how to continue my relationship with Salma, I wasn’t sure if a long-distance relationship would work or be the fairest as I was not sure where I would be posted.

I thought long and hard and decided I would ask Salma to marry me, I bought a ring and asked her to be my wife, just before she was due to graduate from college. She was teary eyed when she said “yes” and could not believe her first boyfriend would actually become her husband.

After my posting had finished I found out that I was to be stationed in Cambodia and, as I was married, Salma was able to accompany me. After my tour ended there, I requested that I be stationed back in the United States, this was granted and once again Salma came with me.


This all happened many years ago, and is a far cry from the life that Salma and I live today. Salma and I have now been married for over 20 years and we are the proud parents of two boys who are now starting to find their own feet in life.

Martin was born in Manila whilst his brother Adam was born in Colorado. Had I not tired of the Angeles City girls and nightlife scene, I could so easily have missed out on meeting Salma, and our happy life and travels together.

Angeles City Escorts

Whilst I'm happy that the story above worked out well for the author, there's no way that it makes any sort of sense to get seriously involved with any sort of Angeles City escort girl. That includes call-girls, bar-girls, freelancers, or girls who will swear on their mother's graves that they are not and have never been hookers.

I you meet a Filipina girl in a tourist area like this, you are well advised to keep relations on a casual basis.

You can fill your boots and enjoy the P4P sex scene all day long, and all night long, but keep your wits in tact and realize that when a poor unfortunate girl from an impoverished background has the potential to change her life, and her family's lives by lying to you, you can bet that she'll do it - and she'll be good at it!

Angeles City Bar-girls (Guest Relations Officers)

These ladies are the mainstay of the prostitution scene just as they are elsewhere in the region. There are some significant differences with regard to the payment of the ladies, and I've written about those differences on my main page about Filipina girls, so check there for details.

You may hear the 'Gro' in and around town, this is an acronym for Guest Relations Officer, which is the job title of the girls who work in bars.

Service standards are good with these ladies, but make sure that your girl understands what your intentions are before you depart with her, because sex is not always available.

Angeles City Freelance Hookers

Freelance hookers are present in high numbers, and they represent a higher overall proportion of the working girls in the city than in other red light districts around Southeast Asia.

The usual safety concerns arise here due to the ability of freelancers to disappear without trace (with your valuables). I also believe that there is a greater incidence of drug use amongst these girls than in, for example, Thailand.

Incidences of crime relating to these street walkers has been sufficient to provoke a crackdown by the authorities.

The usual exception applies i.e. that disco freelancers are a much safer bet than the street freelancers. I think that the security officers at the discos have a good idea about which freelancers to allow entry to the discos, and which ones to keep off the premises.

Basically the security guys only want the better-looking, better-dressed, emotionally sound girls who won't cause trouble and damage the disco's reputation.

Angeles City Call-girls

If you are hoping to find an Angeles city escort online in the form of an agency call-girl than I'd advise looking elsewhere. The prices that these hookers ask is sometimes out of all proportion, and you can often get much better deals if you stick with the bar-girls (gogo-bar-girls are best if you insist on the most beautiful girls in the city).

With that said, Angeles City call-girl prices can be a bit of an exception to this rule. My research quickly uncovered some very attractive call-girls who were asking for 4,000 PHP for 2-hours. Not cheap, but way better than the sometimes ridiculous amounts asked in Manila and other cities.

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