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Southeast Asian Girls & Western Men

As you might expect of a website about Southeast Asian girls and the romantic opportunities that they present to men of the western world, controversy is not entirely absent from the pages here within.

It is not my intention to cause offense, but equally I am not going to unfairly treat those topics that sanctimonious mainstream platforms love to get all superior about.

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I thought long and hard about using the term ‘libertine’ in the title of my site, it is a term that has become somewhat synonymous over the years with debauchery, but I use it in its original intent, merely as an alternative to religious, feminist and other dogmatic nonsense.

Western culture in recent years seems to me to be gradually emasculating men and strangling humour out of existence for fear of upsetting anyone’s delicate emotional predisposition.

Southeast Asia offers an escape...

I’m tired of the way that a significant minority of western women wear their ‘issues’ like some sort of badge-of-honour, and I'm done with the condescending attitude regarding middle-aged men and their frequent visits to Thailand, the Philippines and elsewhere in the region.

So, there will be none of that garbage on this site!

In my opinion, Southeast Asian girls and society are a much better fit for any red-blooded male that is growing tired of the endless political correctness and feminist rhetoric that intrudes upon daily life in the west.

I write this as a UK citizen, but from what I read online and hear from my friends in the USA, it only gets worse on the other side of the pond.

Thailand sunsetSunset over Pattaya Bay, Thailand

Around Southeast Asia

But enough about the west; this site is about the opportunities for a new life, or a new adventure, with Southeast Asian girls, tropical weather, the world’s best nightlife, tasty food, and a low cost of living.

The countries that I’m focusing on are the six most significant in terms of the number of western tourists and expats. There are other countries in the region that I’ve not covered, but I needed to draw a line somewhere and I didn’t want to offer any views about places I know little about.

  • Thailand – Without a doubt, for many existing and potential visitors, Thailand is the benchmark against which other places are judged. There are good reasons for that, and most of them centre on the nightlife. When the sun goes down, the neon lights are switched on and the entertainment starts. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket all have very lively nightlife options where there are lots of girls looking to meet western men. Outside of these nightlife areas the country is very different and much more conservative and traditional. Buddhism is dominant, family values are paramount, and ladies suitable for long term romance can be found.
  • Philippines – Catholicism reigns supreme here and it is very strictly observed. Divorce is virtually impossible, abortion is illegal regardless of circumstance, and even contraceptive use has been resisted by the church! Despite this, the general consensus amongst western expats in the region is that Filipina girls are the easiest to form successful long-term relationships with due to the ease of communication and the smaller culture gap. The short-term fun that can be enjoyed with girls in the bars is also well documented and in this regard the Philippines is second only to Thailand in the wider region.
  • Vietnam – If you tend to find yourself preferring the taller, fairer skinned, Asian girls then you really should be a happy camper in Vietnam because the women there fit that spec better than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. They are renowned for their beauty but they are not so easy to date on a casual basis. Buddhism is the dominant religion and the people are tolerant of differences. The nightlife is fun but relatively subdued, and English is not well spoken outside of the big cities.
  • Cambodia – I don’t really recommend Cambodia for finding the love of your life. The extent of the poverty problem in Cambodia is so extreme that, if you were to marry a local girl, you’ll almost certainly end up financing all sorts of needs for her extended family. The girls are extremely sweet though, smaller in stature, darker skinned, and predominantly Buddhist. English is not well spoken, and the culture gap is as wide as it gets. Despite these negatives, I do like Cambodia as it is a very cheap place to live, there’s a good nightlife scene, and the food is tasty.
  • Malaysia – The ladies here are predominantly Muslim and it is rare for men from different cultures to have any romantic involvement with them. Most of the westerners that do get romantically involved with Malaysian girls tend to do so with Buddhist women of Chinese extraction. Malaysia is much richer than any of the other big countries in the region and the people are much better educated. Unfortunately, the nightlife options are poor, but the food is good and the cost of living quite cheap.
  • Indonesia – The ladies here are, as with Malaysia, culturally diverse but Islam is the dominant religion. Surprisingly, casual dating is quite easy with the local ladies and in Jakarta especially you will have lots of interest from the fairer sex. Caucasian men are considered to be very attractive and it is not unusual for ladies to make the first move! These are not working girls either, they are regular local ladies that would like to experience some exotic Caucasian fruit! For nightlife lovers, Bali is the place to go. It is predominantly Hindu and the local ladies are very sweet, and quite approachable.

Meeting the sexiest Thai ladies for fun times is getting easier and easier to do via the online dating sites. A lot of girls like the extra discretion that is offered on:

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Southeast Asian girls & long-term romance

If the casual life does not appeal to you and you are looking for a serious relationship, Southeast Asian girls are a good choice, and that is increasingly true as time goes by.

Mainstream Asian attitudes towards westerners have improved a great deal in recent years as foreign investment has poured into the region.

That investment has brought with it a body of respectable western visitors on overseas work-contracts and so on, and that in turn has stirred romantic curiosity levels amongst the ladies; even hi-society girls are starting to take an interest in us.

You’ll no doubt be astounded to read that, at one time, regular Southeast Asian ladies would routinely dismiss us westerners as a bunch of sex-tourists, and shun our romantic overtures...

Times have changed and that is no longer the case, but the biggest hurdle to long-term success still remains, and by that I’m referring to the culture gap.

Beautiful Thai girlA beautiful Thai girl

Believe it or not, the vast majority of problems that occur with cross-culture dating are due to simple misunderstandings of one sort or another. You might assume that the language barrier is the biggest problem, but many Asian girls have got a decent grasp of English, and most of the others can easily find an interpreter to help out if need be.

Effective communication (not the same as language) is the key and that is where most Westerners fall short in their efforts; you don’t need to speak the local language and you don’t need your girl to speak English fluently (although a basic grasp of English is obviously a help), what you do need is some help to understand how Asian girls think and feel.

Their emotional responses in any given situation can differ significantly to typical western feelings and emotions, and it will take some time for you to get a handle on things. None of it is insurmountable, and a little patience and effort will go a long way.

The cultural differences all stem from good roots. Respect for parents and older people, avoidance of confrontation, and maintaining face whilst helping others to maintain theirs are the main driving factors.

Prostitution in Southeast Asia

The existence of the pay for pleasure industry in this part of the world is well documented, and you are probably aware that if anyone back home becomes aware of your travels to places like Thailand, they will commonly assume that you will be liaising with ladies of the night.

Thai bar girlsBar girls, they're sexy but be careful!

As an early heads up, my own opinion sits on the fence and leaves it up to the reader to decide what is right for himself.

Consenting adults is the name of the game in my view and, so long as no third party is harmed, I personally have no problem with any of it.

The scope of prostitution in Southeast Asia covers a wide range of services from bar-girls, escorts and happy ending massage services.

I’ve provided details on all of this for each country, and you can easily find that information by clicking on any of the specific country tabs in the menu at the top of the page.

Online dating opportunities

The best method of meeting the best Southeast Asian girls is to do it in person.

If you are working in the region, or on a long-term visit, then the best advice that I can offer you is to try to work your way into the affections of a work-colleague, or a friend of a friend, as it is these ladies that you can be most confident about in terms of their suitability for a lasting romance.

However, that isn’t much use to the majority of westerners who are reading this from distant lands, and it is for those men that I recommend online dating.

Of course, not everyone who is interested in Asian girls is intending to find a wife and settle down; plenty of people are turning to online dating because it is a fun, simple way of meeting lots of people.

In Asia, the online dating opportunities for an average westerner are far more abundant than what you would find back home in the west.

In most places it really is very easy to meet Asian girls and arrange a date. If you are just looking to have some fun, don’t go thinking that the pay for pleasure scene is the only way to find it, there are plenty of opportunities to find what you are looking for with regular girls on the dating sites.

Above all, I hope that you will enjoy reading the pages of my website and that it will provide you with some valuable information about Southeast Asian girls.

If you have questions that you need answering, you can contact me via the link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading this far, enjoy the rest of the site.

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