Thai Girlfriend Problems Solved!

The Thai girlfriend problems section is focused on the personal challenges that you will need to overcome if you are to make a successful long-term relationship work with an honest respectable Thai lady. It also makes some suggestions about where you might find, and approach, such a lady in the first place. Keep in mind that these ladies are NOT the same as the ladies that you meet in the tourist area bars...

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Given the nature and coverage of so many long-term Thai/Western relationships, you might think that finding a suitable Thai girlfriend is almost impossible, in fact it is not at all difficult. The majority of  the Thai ladies that you will find online at my recommended site are perfectly normal respectable ladies; most men just need a little guidance to help avoid the wrong ladies!

Thailand is, believe it or not, a very conservative country at heart and there’s no way that your everyday respectable Thai lady would ever want any kind of association with what goes on in the tourist focused bar areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and so on. Get away from these areas and you will find some of the loveliest, innocent, kind-hearted ladies that you will ever meet.

Thai girlfriendContrary to popular opinion, regular Thai girls are a decent lot

Be aware, right from the start, that Thai people have got some very different values to Western people and that you are going to need to be able to accommodate many of those differences if you are to find any kind of lasting happiness in a real romantic relationship with a Thai girlfriend.

The biggest obstacle to long-term success is communication. I’m not just talking about being able to share a common language; effective communication is about much more than knowing how to speak the words.

You will need to be able to understand emotions and react to them appropriately. More than just react to them, you’ll need to be able to empathise with them… otherwise you’ll just be going through the motions… and your Thai lady will know it! Even harder than this… some of the customs in Thailand will seriously challenge your own cultural beliefs, so it will frequently be very difficult or impossible to empathise at all.

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For anyone thinking that any of this will be easy, my advice is to forget about it altogether. If you have a perception of a Thai girlfriend as being the dutiful, subservient lady that will follow your lead and bow to your every judgement… think again!

I’m not saying that the effort isn’t worth it, if you are sick and tired of the sort of relationships that you are having in the West, you may well find that the ladies in Thailand offer an attractive alternative.

If you can overcome the cultural challenges and avoid the mistakes that so many Westerners make, you’ll be rewarded with a girlfriend that will typically show you far more affection, tenderness and respect than anything you will be used to with Western girls… in my opinion!

In this section of the website, I'm focusing on Thai girlfriend problems and solutions relating to finding them, understanding them, and how to appreciate them for long-term romance.

If you would like to read some true stories about western men and their Thai lady's, click here.

The range of online dating profiles vary in terms of 'sexual liberation'...

...but you should always be on your best behaviour. Good manners are very important.

Both short term fun and serious romance is available, but choose wisely if you want the latter!

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Thai Girlfriend Observations

It seems that more and more Western men are turning to overseas dating in search of that special lady to spend their lives with and with good reason, done correctly there is every likelihood that the perfect Thai lady is waiting to hear from you right now! To read really build up your understanding of a wide range of topics relating to dating Thai ladies, click on the links below:

Thai Girlfriends - it is important to understand some general impressions about Thai girls; there is a very unfair perception of them in Western countries, generally speaking, and this has largely come about due to the crazy way in which a large proportion of Thai/Western relationships have gotten started. Don't make the same simple misjudgements that so many others do, give your own chances a huge lift by avoiding the most common mistakes of all. This page will give you the best, most universally accepted good advice that you absolutely need to have if you want to avoid the worst Thai girlfriend problems!

Finding the Right Girl - it may seem surprising to you but many people that think about Thai girls tend to think in very narrow terms; they assume that Thai girls are all more or less the same. There may be some appreciation that some girls are not suitable for serious relationships, e.g. those working in Pattaya bars, but generally speaking there is not much understanding of the huge gulf that exists within Thai society. There is a massive difference between your typical Thai lady from a traditional rural area in remote areas of the kingdom and a Thai girl from a modern cosmopolitan city like Bangkok. For more information on the pros and cons of dating girls from different sections of Thai society, click this link.

Dating in Thailand; the First Date – there are all sorts of differences between dating in the West and dating in Thailand and you should be prepared for that since the kind of behaviour that usually impresses the girls back home (e.g. the noisy, outgoing, extroverted stuff) will largely get you seen as being a bit of an idiot in Thailand. The outgoing, flamboyant personalities that you might think would impress here are not typically seen as desirable at all. A quiet, calm, but confident and in-control sort of character is much closer to the ideal for most Thai ladies. It's not just about behaviour though; for information about dress code, where to meet, what to expect, what not to expect and so on, this page will help you out.

The First Few Months & Meeting Her Parents – the general perception of Westerners has improved dramatically in recent years with regard to their suitability for long term dating. It has always been extremely easy to find female company here; I don’t think I’m going to hit any ‘breaking news’ columns on that score, but what is new is that even high-society girls are starting to look towards Westerners as potential husbands. This is really good news for you if you want to get serious with a Thai lady. One possible hiccup that you may run into is that there is still a huge cultural divide between Thailand and the West and the first few months of any romance will probably come under strain; if you want to successfully beat that strain, there are ways and means!

Living Arrangements; Thailand or Farangland - once things take a real turn towards a serious long-term romance, you are going to need to start thinking about where you and your new girlfriend are going to live together; make sure this is the plan... long distance relationships never seem to work! The usual solution is to apply for a visa for your girl to go off with you back to your country; this is especially likely if your are dependent on your job back home for a livable income. The other option, if your finances can take the strain, is to apply for a Thai visa and relocate yourself to the land of smiles. What you might not be aware of are all the different pros and cons associated with these two options, and you can rest assured that both options come with a few common Thai girlfriend problems!

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