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Thai dating sites do offer a serious option for finding the perfect companion, but you should be prepared to meet lots of less trustworthy ladies before meeting the right one. You'll find that all of my recommended sites (see link below for specific sites) are market leading sites with a huge excess of Thai ladies looking for western boyfriends compared to how many western men are actually in Thailand and looking for a girlfriend.... which makes matters easy!

A major selling point of the dating sites is that you can travel alone and easily arrange to meet up with girls before you get to Thailand. The best sites to use for this are:

Thai Friendly & Thai Cupid

You should be aware that a lot of what you write in emails and instant chat services will probably get read by other Thai people. Remember that English is not well spoken or read, so the online Thai girls often have someone to help with translation. This should not be a concern though; successful online dating will need to be done in a calm and respectable manner, which means that you shouldn't type any messages that would embarrass you if other people were to read them!

The dating game seems to be being started online more and more as time goes by. A few years ago a person would have been quite embarrassed to admit that he/she met their partner on the internet rather than in person, but the world is changing and as we all get busier and busier, online dating has become an easy, efficient, time saving, mainstream means of meeting people. It works well too... if you know what to look out for.

If you don’t know what to look out for, make sure that you pay close attention to the advice given via the link below because there are lots of naughty girls online that will try to sucker you into a relationship with them. If that happens, you’ll be in danger of some unwanted grief coming your way. If you are looking for a Thai lady to get involved with and you are not actually in Thailand, it may well be that the online Thai dating option is your only viable option. Whilst there are some risks involved in terms of the trustworthiness of the girls you’ll meet online, I’d say that it is far better to go the online route than to head off to a bar in Pattaya, Bangkok or other tourist area in search of a lady for a relationship.

If you have ever used a dating site in a western country, one that is aimed at Western men meeting Western women, you may well have a negative impression of the online dating scene. Western dating sites  tend to disappoint most people and getting any response at all from the ladies is sometimes a challenge in itself.

Online dating sites in Thailand are getting bigger and better. The number of regular, decent, trustworthy Thai girls using these sites is higher than ever, see for yourself on:

My recommended Thai dating site

You can rest assured that with Thai dating sites, the ones aimed at bringing Western men and Thai ladies together, are a completely different proposition. If you follow the guidelines that I set out in this chapter, you will have no difficulty at all arranging dates with Thai ladies. As an early heads up, all my recommended dating sites, at the time of writing, lists far more ladies seeking men than vice versa… ratios of around four ladies for every man are typical!

Current success rates for men actually having found a lady that they regard as a life-partner within a year of joining the best Thai dating sites amounts to about 55%. When you factor in the high proportion of men that are only looking for short-term liaisons, this is a very impressive statistic, and one that far outshines anything that a Western dating site can boast about!

There is similarly encouraging news in terms of the divorce rates when compared to Western divorce rates. Considering all the extra cultural and language barriers that need to be accommodated, you might expect Thai/Western divorce rates to be higher than those of an all Western nature... not so! It turns out that Thai/Western divorce rates are actually lower, and if sensible practices are adhered to, such as the ones I’ll give you here, long-term chances of success will be even higher.

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This is an important part of this site’s advice; signing up with the wrong dating site can cost a lot of money as there are some scam sites out there. If you decide to opt for a dating site that charges on an ongoing basis e.g. per contact or per message, you can end up paying far too much money! The best dating sites don’t charge this way, they charge at a fixed monthly rate and that rate should be nice and low – no more than $25 per month (less for longer term subscriptions). I have three main websites for you to consider, each has its advantages depending on your preferences, and all offer an outstanding service. To find out which of my recommended sites is best suited to your needs, click this link.

Maximise Your Online Success – getting the results that you are hoping for from Thai dating sites comes down to many different things not least amongst them is supply and demand. If you pick a good Thai dating service you can be guaranteed that the demand for foreign boyfriends is much higher than the supply of foreign men available in Thailand. Even better news for you, if you are a foreign man looking for a Thai girlfriend, is that the majority of men go about the online dating game in completely the wrong manner. If you know how to maximize your appeal, and this page will show you how, the results will keep you very happy! On the other hand, without any knowledge of how Thai dating culture is different to that in other countries, you might struggle a little.

Online Tactics for Avoiding Gold-diggers – If there is one negative aspect of using Thai dating sites, it has to be that there are quite a lot of ladies using them that are just looking for a rich husband to take care of them and their family. I’ll stop short of calling these gold-diggers bad people because it is true that some Thai girls suffer financial hardship that we in the West are always going to struggle to comprehend, and a wealthy benefactor can really ease the struggles that a lot of Thai families suffer. Whilst you can sympathise with them, you must not get involved and try to save them. What you need to do at all cost is avoid their charms; here is my free advice about how to spot the good girls from the naughty girls.

Pros and Cons for Different Classes of Girls – With Rural girls, city girls, and even high society girls looking for romance via Thai dating sites these days, it can be a bit of a minefield trying to figure out for yourself just what sort of girl you are looking for. Even if you already have a good idea of what you want, you might not realise that there are some different advantages and disadvantages associated with which option you prefer. I’m speaking in general terms of course, but there some distinct general pros and cons to dating girls from each of the social classes and this page will give you a few ideas about that. The differences go beyond simple economics and educational background, Thailand has a diverse culture and, depending upon the class of girl you settle with, your future could be very different from you are used to.

Thai Dating Agencies to Avoid - Just about the craziest thing that you can legally do in Thailand is arrange to get married to someone that you hardly know, but there are some services that will be able to arrange this for you (more or less). I really do have to caution against it; if you are considering doing something like this you should discuss it with someone you trust and get their opinion because there is a good chance that you might be having some sort of mental breakdown! This really is not the way to go as there can be all sorts of dangers and drawbacks that could come back to bite you.

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