Thai Ladyboy Dating

Thai Ladyboy Dating

Thai ladyboy dating is hugely popular with a large section of foreigners visiting the land of smiles and no website about Thai dating for foreign men would be complete without a section on ladyboys. Thai ladyboys are far more visible than their sisters in other countries of the world due to the unparalleled tolerance level that exists there regarding such matters.

As I will mention at several points in the various pages that make up this section of the site, finding a suitable person for serious romantic commitment in Thailand has one extra complication when it comes to ladyboy dating i.e. where do you find them? The best and safest method is to create an account at my recommended dating site.

It is no problem finding a ladyboy in one of the tourist nightspots, as I mention in one of the pages that follow, but these Thai ladyboys are not suitable for long-term romance. On the other hand, if you follow my general advice about the best way to find romance and head off to an area of Thailand that does not focus on tourists, you might not be able to determine with any degree of confidence exactly who is a ladyboy and who is a lady!

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The well publicized presence of such a huge and visible transsexual population in Thailand has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and Thailand has long been a focal point for international travellers who are interested in meeting a ladyboy… or several ladyboys! If the idea of meeting a transsexual lady is of interest to you, and if you find oriental looks attractive, then a visit to Thailand should definitely be in top position on your list of places to go.

Thai Ladyboy Pics

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Thai Ladyboy Pics

thai ladyboy pics

I should point out that the advice I’ve given here has come from a wide number of sources, but those sources do not include my own personal experiences. Ladyboy dating does not suit my personal preferences and I must confess that my romantic interests are strictly limited to women only. I do not believe that this has affected the quality or reliability of any of the advice that I’ve given here and, in fact, any advice given, be it relating to girls or ladyboys, only has real value if it gives a measured and balanced account of various useful perspectives. The advice that you will read here has been gathered from men with experience of ladyboys, from ladyboys themselves, from an understanding of Thai dating culture and from a wide reading of the available literature on the subject. I hope and believe that it will be of some use to you in your search for someone special.

Ladyboy massage is a source of much interest to some western men and, if you know where to look, you can easily satisfy your curiosity in Thailand in this regard. Check the link for further details on that.

As a note of caution, for those men for whom ladyboys do not appeal, please be sure to treat them with respect. If you do not, something bad will likely result!

Ladyboy True Stories

Thai Ladyboy Dating in More Detail

The links below will take you to some focused pages on the particular subjects surrounding ladyboy dating that you really do need to know about before you get started on your search:

What is a Thai Ladyboy? – This is a simple question isn’t it, or at least you might think it is but I can assure you that this question gets bandied around the internet forums quite regularly, and the exchanges of opinions are nearly always heated! The arguments usually turn on two different premises; one insists that the ladyboy is a man and relates to the sex of the ladyboy at birth, the other insists that the ladyboy is a woman and relates to the persona of the person within the physical anatomy. The debate usually carries on with disagreement about whether a ladyboy is only really a ladyboy once certain surgical procedures have been undertaken and so on. There is even disagreement over the literal meaning of several different terms that are in use; such as ‘katoey’ and ‘shemale’ amongst others.

Choosing the right Thai ladyboy dating site – This is an important first step towards finding the right ladyboy for a romantic relationship, and there are lots of choices open to you. All but one of those options look like decidedly poor options to me but the one site that I do recommend is, fortunately, a very good site with a proven track record of success. For some reason, the majority of the sites that provide dating services for men seeking ladyboys look more like they are adult websites than regular dating sites, and I can’t imagine that you will meet anyone there that you would want to get serious with.

Dating ladyboys in Thailand – If you have had to put up with disapproving nods and glances from prying eyes in your own country when in the company of a transsexual lady, you can expect to be literally blown away at the indifference with which you will be treated in Thailand. This sort of thing is a completely normal everyday thing and you really will be able to relax here like no other country in the world. There is a lot more to know about ladyboy dating in Thailand though; if you want to be successful it pays to have some understanding of the genuine problems that are faced by transsexual ladies there. One common concern relates to their long-term future options…

Bangkok ladyboys and financial concerns – You have to have respect for the life choices that Thai ladyboys make; there isn’t a great deal of prejudice against them but where it does exist is in the jobs market. Even getting an interview is said to be very difficult if an employer knows that an applicant is transsexual. In a country that still has a large section of its society in considerable poverty; the choice to stand up and express your sexuality can’t be easy if you know that your employment prospects are going to be severely derailed! The problems don’t end with the limited job prospects; the costs of surgery and ongoing hormone replacement treatment are high and even that isn’t the end of the financial troubles…

Bangkok ladyboys; word of advice – First of all, as with bar-girls, you should not allow yourself to get emotionally attached to anyone that you meet in a tourist area; serious Thai ladyboy dating is not a good idea here. If you get emotionally involved too quickly, you may well start to hear all the same hard-luck stories and promises of love that I’ve suggested you will hear from bar-girls, but all the same rules apply and you should tread very carefully! Bearing that in mind, it is very common for men from foreign countries to go to Thailand looking to satisfy life-long curiosities that they have long suppressed due to prejudices back home. For these men the possibility of meeting someone quickly is alluring; this is especially true for those people who are only visiting Thailand for a short vacation.

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