Cambodian Women & Westerners

In the aesthetics department, Cambodian women are not thought to be the most beautiful in Asia but, before you stop reading, consider this. You might be fishing for beauties in a much smaller pond, but once you catch one you’re much less likely to face any real hurdles to getting a serious relationship going. In most of the countries that are considered home to the most beautiful ladies, it is a tougher feat to actually score with them.

Cambodian ladies are super sweet and offer strong traditional values. If you want to meet a lady online, the best place to start looking is at:

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In Vietnam, for example, you will need to put extra effort into a relationship before a regular girl will date you; sex will be a distant dream and her parents are more likely to end things by refusing to approve you as a worthy suitor!

You might even prefer the look of Cambodian women; they tend to be darker-skinned, slimmer on average than Thai girls, but with larger breasts. Noses might be a little flatter at the bridge, and the girls tend to be a little shorter.

The serious relationship scene seems to be somewhat less popular amongst western men who date Cambodian women when compared to similar relationships in Thailand, but that is nothing to do with the ladies themselves. Most of them would be very happy to get serious with a ‘Barang’ (Cambodian word for foreigner – similar to the Thai word ‘Farang’).

The naughty scene is more reserved than it is in Thailand, but it is a more intimate scene, more relaxed and with less hassle.

Siem Reap is a good city to look for a regular girl

Unfortunately, Cambodia has tended to attract the worst of western society and it has become a favoured destination for Paedophiles. I hadn’t realised until recently just how big a problem it had become. If you are staying in Thailand on a long-term visa then, depending on what sort it is, you may have to exit Thailand on a fairly frequent basis, after which you can immediately re-enter for another 60 or 90 days. This is the famous visa-run that many visitors go through and it caused me some issues with UK immigration when I returned home.

The mere presence of a Cambodia visa stamp in my passport (a necessary part of the ‘visa run’) raised eyebrows and resulted in me being carted off for a customs search. Apparently, whilst Thailand has done well to curb the underage sex scene, much of it has been diverted to Cambodia, and UK immigration is keeping an eye open for single men travelling there…

Living in Phnom Penn

The overall cost of living in Phnom Penh is surprisingly less of a bargain than you might think given that this is the second poorest country in South East Asia (after Burma/Myanmar). Overall, the cost is only slightly cheaper than it is in Bangkok, with something like a 5% saving. Obviously, that’s averaged over a sample basket of goods and how much you in particular might save is down to what composition of goods you tend to buy – and it might be very different to the sample basket.

Casual fun with the regular ladies of Cambodia is not as common as it is in some parts of Asia, but there are some online opportunities at:

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For one thing, the cost of taking Cambodian women from bars is not included in the representative basket so, if you are planning on enjoying the naughty scene, you’ll be happy to know that those costs are a lot lower than in Bangkok, and somewhat cheaper than even Pattaya! On top of that, if you are a budding alcoholic then you’ll be delighted to know that a beer can be had for as little as $0.50, with the average price being just $1. Hotels are also very cheap. For other costs, rental accommodation in particular, there is little to no saving. Buying prices for property are cheap though, and much lower than in Bangkok.

The good news doesn’t end with cheaper nightlife, alcohol and hotels. The food factor is also an advantage. Whilst not regarded in quite the high esteem that Thai food and Vietnamese food command, Cambodian food is still good and much better than the salty, greasy garbage that passes for food in the Philippines! Cambodian women like to cook too, so finding a worthy girlfriend that knows her way around a kitchen is not too much of a problem. If you dislike spicy food you’ll be particularly impressed, since the Cambodians use fewer spices in their dishes. French colonization in years past has also left its mark, with fresh bread that’s better than anything the Thais can boast about being readily available.

Infrastructure on the other hand is lousy; roads are poorly constructed and full of potholes, and some are nothing more than dirt-tracks. If you are approaching your twilight years and are concerned about healthcare then living in Cambodia might not be the best choice, medical skills are way behind neighbouring countries. The same can be said for education facilities, so raising a family there might not be a great idea either.

For indescribable luxury at affordable prices, have a look at this hotel:


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The rooftop bar isn't too shabby either!

Finding the best Cambodian women

The general lack of economic development in Cambodia is not confined to physical infrastructure, health and education standards; the online facilities for meeting Cambodian women are also relatively lacking. That’s true whether you are looking for a serious long-term relationship or an ultra-short 1-2 hour appointment. Escort sites are lacking (see link below for info on the Cambodia prostitution scene), and there are few dedicated dating sites for westerners intending to meet Cambodian women.

I think that the fewer online opportunities reflects the fact that the country is still a little off the mainstream visitor’s radar, but you should also be aware that it is largely to do with the much smaller population in Cambodia compared to neighbouring countries i.e. currently just over 15 million compared to 67 million in Thailand (and around 100 million in the Philippines). Another factor is the lower standard of English language skills, meaning that finding a local interpreter to help out with online communication (the way that many rural Thai girls do) might not be so easily done.

For those amongst you that are undeterred and still intend to find romance with Cambodian women, my advice is to create an online dating profile and be patient. I’d look for girls in Phnom Penh and, if you can find a worthy lady - Siem Reap. There are far fewer sex workers in Siam Reap so the chances of falling prey to a gold-digger are that bit lower. For similar reasons in a reverse direction, I’d avoid any contact with ladies from Sihanoukville because a large proportion of the girls there will be working in the sex industry.

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This sexy model-like lady is actually one of my old flames.

The same girl is pictured in a black dress in the right column (below on mobile) and in a white dress on the homepage. She's 24... and was a lot of fun!

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